Once Upon a June

It all started with the worst day of my life, but then things started 2 take a turn for the best....... wanna read more?? Keep reading 2 find out ;)


1. The worst day ever

*Beep* *Beep*

I rolled over to the other side of my bed. My eyes still clouded with sleep. It was 7am. The day that every girl in Frank Sinatra High School was waiting for; prom day. I groaned. Last night I forgot to turn my alarm off. I tired going back to sleep but I just couldn't. I hated that part about myself. I got outta bed and brushed my teeth and got dressed. I wasn't going to prom because I thought it was stupid. So instead today while every other girl was out getting their hair and nails done, I was going to be going to a One Direction signing. The signing wasn't until 4pm so I had plenty of time. I went into the living room and checked my facebook and twitter. I like social networks, they keep me occupied. That's basically what I do everyday when I'm not practacing my violin. When you go to Frank Sinatra Performing Arts High School, you have to practice like everyday.

"Cristina are you up yet?!" I heard my mom yell

"Yeah I'm in the living room" i yelled back

She came in from the kitchen

"What are you doing up so early? I thought u werent going to prom" she said

"I'm not but I couldn't sleep, so I just woke up." i said

"Alright, so what time are you leaving for the signing?"

"Around 1. I hope there aren't a lot of people there, I mean it is a Wednesday"

"Yeah, just call me when ur about 2 leave okay?"

"Yeah sure no problem" i said

                                    *A couple hours later*

"Mama I'm leaving now okay, love you bye!" i called to her

I had my awesome turtle backpack on my shoulders with Take Me Home inside and a sharpie marker, and headed to the garage to get my car. I was 18 and officially an adult. Next fall I would be at the University of Oxford and out of New York for good! And I couldn't wait!

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