One Direction Imagines

These are One Direction Imagines, If you guys want one, just comment and like and leave your name adn your favorite boy. Also, describe yourself! Kay, thansk!


2. Sarah And Louis(:

              Sarah POV

             "Lou, no!" I yelled at my crazy boyfriend , Louis Tomlinson. Yah, yuou heard me. THE Louis Tomlinson! Hes crazy, but so am I, so were ok(: We werent childhood friends or anything, we just met one day.


              I ran into the park, and sat on a bench away from everyone. I pulled up my wrist to reveal the three long cuts i had going down my arms. Am i proud of doing this to myself? No. I try not to care what people think about me, considering im not the "thinnest" girl around. But people say Im pretty. I started to cry, thinking of all this.

             "Love, are you ok?"  A beautiful british voice asked. I looked up to see a very handsome boy with brown hair and sparkling blue eyes. he had a beanie over his hair, and his glasses on the top of his head, looking at me.

             "I-I'm fi-fine." I stuttered out, still crying.

            "No," He said sitting down. "Your not. By the way, Im Louis." He was now on the bench sitting next to me.

           "I-Im Sarah." I said, with a little more confidence. He looked down at my wrist.

            "Did you do that to yourself?" He asked with a sad face. Why would he be sad? He barley knows me?

          "Umm.."i quickly pulled my sleeves down. He picked my chin uip and looked me in the eyes.

          "Sarah, I just met you, and I know I dont know you or your story, but you are the most beautiful girl i have ever seen. Noone diserves to be hurt, expecially not by themselves. Why dont you come over to my place for a while." He said. I smiled.

           "I would love thta, Louis." I got up, took his hand and we walked off to his car.

            That day was litterally the best day of my life. We just sat at his home (wich by the way was HUGE! Hes famous, did you know that?!) and watched movies. We ate popcorn and chocolate, adn just did nothing. The next day, Louis asked me out on a real date, and we went to Nandos. That day i also met the boys. They are now my best friends! A few days later, her asked to make it official! I lokve him so much!


        "Hey Love, whatcha thinking about?" Lou said as he sat down next to me on our beach towel.

      "Just thinking of the first day we met." I said and leaned my head on his shoulder.

       Louis got up and gave me his hand to help me up also. He looked me straight in the eyes.

      "Sarah, you are the best girlfriend  I have ever had. From the first day i met you, i knew i wanted you to be mine. I love you so much, and i never want to loose you. So," He said getting down on one knee. I started crying. "Will you do the honor of being Mrs. Tomlinson?"

     "Yes!!" I screamed, amybe a little to loud(: He stood up and wrapped me in his arms and we kissed. It felt just like the first time we kissed again. I felt like my lips were on fire, but in a good way. I was so sad when he pulled away. the rest of the day we spent running around and just having fun, just like the idiots in love we are(:


Hope yo enjoy Sarah!

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