My famous twin

Meet the Laurez twins. They do pretty much everything together. But the stopped when they turned 16. Angelina got an offer to do acting for the most famous director,Trent Martinez, while joanne continued with her normal life. Joanne was really happy for her twin until Angelina started turning her back on Joanne.How will Joanne cope with Angelina?


2. Shiane's farewell party

"Angelina!Hurry up!"I called to my twin. "Joanne!Where is my pearl necklace?!"She cried rushing down the stairs.I wave the necklace beaded with pure white pearls inn front of her.She gave me a playful glare.She took it gently from my hand and clipped it around her neck.As we got inside the Jeep, the driver started the car and soon enough we were off to Shiane's party.

Once we arrived,May and Ally opened the door for us."Madames.You have reached your destination."Immutated Ally as May opened the door wide open. We all chatted outside until we saw a white car pull up. Shiane stepped wearing a white dress with a cream coloured flower on the satin strapped around her waist.We all went inside with Shaine.

We had blast!We had a dance-off which was won by this boy in our class.We had a piggy-back race in which a person piggy-backs another and they race with someone else.The last activity was blind-fold tiggy.Ally got it the most because she was always forgot about the game and muched happily on the food that was served on the table.

I was really sad when the we had to go.Angelina shared my feelings as we hugged Shiane good-bye. Shiane promised to email us as soon as she got to England.I was going to ask if she wanted to rethink about not going to me and Angelina's birthday party which included May and Ally,but i didn't want to stress her out.

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