My Irish cupcake

Mariah was an ordinary girl her father left her then she meet up with famous Niall Horan from One Direction what going to happen will she trust him will she push him away will he cheat on her or love her forever anything could happen read and find out.


3. To my place

"Niall?" I speak alittle louder this time.

He walked over to where I stood family

"Your unlike other people you run away from me" he started giggling.

I always loved his laugh in the worst of times I could watch something Niall was in and when I heard his laugh or his voice I would automatically smile like an idiot.

"Well you startled me I thought you were someone else," I said smiling then frowned.

"Are you ok?" he asked obviously saw that I was frowning.

"Um yeah just was thinking about something, but mostly family drama,"

At that moment in time I thought out about who i was really talking to Niall Horan from One Direction my idol, and started to scream in my head.

                                                                    Niall's p.o.v

I stood there and noticed nobody was around not fans not paparazzi nobody. I smiled then saw that girl start walking away.

"Where are you going?" I asked seeing that she really really wasn't at all like other girls. She was beautiful. She was wearing blue jeans and a green shirt and her long brown wavy hair was flying everywhere from all the wind.

"Oh I just figured you wouldn't want to talk to a stupid ugly girl like me? I mean look at you your famous and I'm just a girl I was always hoping I would get to meet you but then I realized why would he want to talk to me? Also that brings me to a Question where are the other boys and how did you magically escape from all your fans and paparazzi? She asked turning around waiting for an answer.

"Well first I hate to see you doubt yourself like that second you beautiful and for your questions the other boys were fighting and stuff so I just left and I kind of just snook out of the house, and came here I don't know how nobody found me, and I was soo happy you didn't scream when you saw me," I said and I could tell everything I just said she thought was true from the look in her eyes.

                                                                     Mariah's p.o.v

I looked at the time and it was around 7:35 and I said:

"Its getting dark and I have a long walk home so I have to go I'm sorry by the way my name is Mariah," I then started to walk off to my house.

I cant believe I just meet Niall Horan I said to my self Then suddenly somebody next to me said:

"I cant believe I met a very beautiful girl named Mariah" I turned and saw Niall.

 "Um are you following me?" I asked.

"Well I thought that I could take you to your house for you. I mean your outside alone its getting dark and anything can happen to you!" he said in a very cute way.

I love his Irish accent knowing I'm part Irish too I always wanted one.

"Fine but how are you going to get home its getting late and I see you don't have a car. Anything could happen to you!" I mocked him.

I smiled and he reaches for my hand. I noticed and slipped it in his. His hand was warm. When we got to my house my mom was sitting on the couch. I told her I had a friend over. I looked up at Niall to see if i had his approval to call him a friend since we only met, he smiled and nods in approval. We walk up to my room and sat down it was 7:55.

"Niall do you just want to stay over?" I ask

"Sure let me just tell the boys," he says and takes out his phone and calls Louis.

Hello Louis... Yeah I'm fine..... Um that's what I was getting to.... Yeah Louis I'll tell someone next time... Ok Louis stop I'm staying over a persons house tonight goodbye!" he said and hung up immediately. He smiles and said:

"Yeah I'm staying" he laughed which made me laugh with him. I loved him if only some how he felt the same way.

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