My Irish cupcake

Mariah was an ordinary girl her father left her then she meet up with famous Niall Horan from One Direction what going to happen will she trust him will she push him away will he cheat on her or love her forever anything could happen read and find out.


5. Niall and i.

After he said that I immediately got up and ran to my room to get ready. I decided to wear my favorite yoga pants that said love on the butt and my pink shirt that said dont hate me on it. I put on my shoes and smiled at my reflection in the mirror. I didnt put make up on bacause im not a loud to my mom says that natural beauty beats all. I went back to the living room to where Niall was and said hi. He jumped a bit and smiled. I laughed then I smiled back.

"Ready yet?" he says smiling and stood up.

"Yes," I said.

Then we walked toward the door. I stopped and looked back. I had to say I was pretty nervous to meet the rest if One Direction.

"You ok Mariah?" Niall asked.

"Yeah just kind of  nervous what if they don't like me?," I asked back

"Don't be! There really nice they'll be happy to meet you!" he says excitedly while smiling.

"Ok Niall then lets go!" I said.

He kisses me and we walked out of the house. We walked toward my green car. I got in the passenger side and he got to the drivers side since I didn't know where to go. I turned on the radio and smiled on what was on. Kiss you. Then I thought:

"Niall is it awkward to hear yourself on the radio?"

"Sometimes but I don't mind" he says.

I started singing and then Niall's part came on and we both started singing he's voice was AMAZING. I love this Irish boys so much! he's soo adorable I love everything about him. It gets me made when someone even thinks about telling him to quit the band or his ugly or he doesn't deserve to be in the band! Its hard for me to look at him and not smile or what to kiss him. See I was never one of though popular girls in school who had a different boyfriend everyday or boys chasing after me 24/7. I was just happy to finally have a person to care about me and take care of me. When we got to Niall's house I froze not knowing if I wanted to go in or not after Niall noticed he said:

 "Come on it'll be fine I promise and I kept though words in my mind as we walking the house hand in hand.




      hey guys I made a few changes to the story there are probably way less mistakes and might make more since now :) got a new laptop for Christmas was sooooo happy anyways if you read this far then please tell me what you think I know i said that before but please and thank you. I don't know if its good or not soo yeah.   

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