Jolly Holiday

Shelbie was a fashion designer. Very low key, living in upper Manhattan with her junkie brother. Then she got her big break. And that big break, went by One Direction.


28. Storm

The first thing we did that morning was walk down to the school playground. There were fences up all around it. It was the only playground in town, though. So everyone was allowed on it.

Katie and Violet had taken to joining us. It was nice having other girls there who got the whole One Direction thing. Jessica was nice, but it was obvious she just didn't get it.

Just as we walked onto the playground I saw a face that I hadn't seen in years.

"Grawitch!" I called, running over to one of my closest friends from high school. We'd been in marching band together. He was tall and dark-skinned. Quite good looking. And he was playing with a small girl, maybe around three years of age, on the swing set.

"Hey, Porter!" he called, reaching down to pull me into a bear hug, "It's been a long time, Kid."

"Who's this?" I asked, smiling and waving toward the shy little girl, who hid behind Grawitch's legs.

"This is Jemima. My pride and joy." he introduced.

"Mindy had a baby?" I squealed in utter surprise. Last I knew, Mindy and Grawitch were both happy-go-lucky Juniors who didn't have a care in the world.

"Seems that way." he chuckled, lifting Jemima onto his hip, "Can you say hi to Shelbie, Jem?"

The little girl lifted one of her tiny hands to wave at me only for a moment before tucking her head into her father's chest, "She's so cute." I giggled, turning my attention back to the boys, "Oh yeah, this is-"

"Oh, I know who you all are!" He extended a hand l, first toward Harry, then to Zayn and Louis, "Hey, listen, I hate to do this to you all, when you're clearly not working at the moment, but do you think I could get a picture for my girlfriend? She loves One Direction." Grawitch asked, pulling out his phone.

"Of course, any friend of Shelbie's is a friend of ours," Louis said, taking Jemima into his arms.

The other boys crammed into the shot as Grawitch took a couple photos. I couldn't help but notice how good Louis looked with a child on his hip.

"Thanks, Guys. I really appreciate it." Grawitch said. He looked up at the sky as the first droplets of rain began to fall, "I better get her home before it starts to downpour. It was good seeing you again." Grawitch called as he scooped Jemima up and took off running toward a tiny shack.

That couldn't possibly be where they were living. I don't think one person could've lived comfortably in that tiny thing, much less three or more.

The rain began to come down harder. I was no stranger to it, though. After all, it rained a majority of the time that I was in Europe. A little bit of rain didn't phase me.

We walked around town a bit, stopping at Tanner's for some fried chicken. We were at Budroe's enjoying ice cream when I suddenly began to

It was around three when I was actually starting to worry about the intensity of the storms that were supposed to be blowing in soon. The sky was beginning to turn an eerie shade of green and the rain was beginning to patter out. Every few seconds I heard thunder that sounded as of it were right on top of us, and I could see lightning off in the distance.

The thing that truly made me realize how bad it was supposed to be was when the buses from the school began to let out. School wasn't supposed to let out until four twenty! Why on earth were they dismissing at three forty?

"Guys," Jessica mumbled, pointing to the silenced TV. There was a huge red alert flashing across the screen.

Until Supercell:
Sellersburg 17 minutes
Scottsburg 14 minutes
Charlestown 8 minutes
Memphis 6 minutes
Henryville 3 minutes

"Oh my God." I whispered under my breath, slamming a ten down on the table, "We need to leave now." I said, shoving myself to my feet and running to the door.

"What does that mean? Supercell?" Louis asked, following right on my tail.

"It means there are tornadoes headed right for us." I grumbled, yanking open Budroe's door and taking off onto the street, everyone else following close behind.

"Shelbie, we won't be able to make it home in time. There's no way!" Jessica called from behind me. We all froze in the middle of the abandoned four-way. I knew we couldn't go back to Budroe's. That place was too flimsy. The post office and Tanner's was too far away.

"Alright, turn around! We're going to the school." I shouted over the roaring thunder, grabbing hold of Louis' hand as I ran.

Just as we sprinted onto the school property, I heard a sound that would forever be stuck in my mind. A freight train type sound. Coming straight for us. And when I turned to look, a massive cloud of black wind and debris was coming straight for us, "Oh, shīt!" I wailed, seeing the size of the thing. It had to be at least half a mile in diameter!

"Go, go, go!" I called, as Zayn heaved open the front door and we sprinted for the office, which I knew would be enclosed.

I jumped the front desk, six others following suit and we ducked and covered. All in an instant, my ears popped, and the front of the school was torn away, debris flying every which way.

I felt arms go around me tightly as I clung to the back of my own head and neck, trying to protect myself. I swear I felt myself lift a few inches off the ground as the wind blew around us.

Just as fast as it came, it was over. I sat up, gasping for air that I hadn't been able to find moments ago.

I realized it was Zayn who had his arms wrapped around me. And it took me a moment but I realized why. If he hadn't, I would've been sucked into the storm. The entire wall that we had taken cover behind had literally been blown away. All that it left was a few fallen beams and a whole hell of a lot of glass to have to maneuver around. There was close to nothing left.

"Is everyone okay?" I heard a familiar voice from within the remains of the nurse's office. It was Mr. Albert, the high school principal.

"HELP! SOMEBODY HELP!" I heard Violet cry from several feet away. I jumped to my feet to see what her damage was, only to see it wasn't her she was screaming.

There was Louis, underneath a steal beam that had fallen from the ceiling. Violet looked up at me, horror in her eyes, "I can't move it. It's too heavy!"

"Shelbs," Louis gasped from where he lay, "I can't feel my legs."

Then came the hail. It was huge. At least the size of softballs, "Get something to cover him!" I screamed over the thunder once more.

Zayn managed to find a sheet of ply wood that was of decent size and tossed it to me, before dragging Harry and Katie to cover, Violet close behind. I pulled the wood over top of both of us so we weren't pelted to death by the hail. I held the sheet in place as the wind threatened to pull it away.

"Shelbie, go take cover. I'll be fine." he assured, even though I could tell that he was in a massive amount of pain and terror.

"No, I'm staying right here." I insisted, as I listened to the hail pelt against the wood, "It'll be okay."

I should've been expecting this. After all, I'm Shelbie Porter, the bad luck magnet.
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