Jolly Holiday

Shelbie was a fashion designer. Very low key, living in upper Manhattan with her junkie brother. Then she got her big break. And that big break, went by One Direction.


12. Spin

Apparently as of yesterday Katie and Violet are now touring with us (even though I'm still not entirely sure who Violet is in regards to Harry. A girlfriend? Or a sêx buddy?). As it turns out, Zayn had been seeing Katie for a good couple of months, before he mustered up the courage to pull her onto the stage and make it public knowledge. That boy really knew how to keep a secret.

So now we were motoring down the road with the rest of the giant One Direction caravan. Somehow we had managed to squish all five of the boys, Danielle, Katie, Violet, and myself into they boys' bus. The bus wasn't small by any means, but it clearly was not meant to hold nine full-grown adults.

It wasn't like we were having a party in the back of the bus. No, we were all sitting around the small TV, watching a rerun of Will and Grace. Yeah, there was some beer going around. But come on! Who gets buzzed off beer?

I couldn't tell you who recommended Spin the Bottle. I could only inform you that it was the most fun I'd had in ages.

It started out as innocent smooches. I kissed Zayn. No big deal. Violet kissed me. Okay, awkward, but still no big deal.

Then it started heating up.

The stronger liquor was pulled out of the fridge as smooches turned into full-blown make-out sessions. Harry and Katie. Danielle and Zayn. Louis and, well, everyone.

I really didn't even begin to pay attention to the game until the bottle landed on me. Everyone ooh-ed and giggled. And I looked up to see Liam looking like a deer in headlights. Suddenly I felt a whole lot less keen on continuing the game.

"I think I'll just...spin again." Liam mumbled.

"No!" Louis whined, pulling the bottle out of his reach, "It landed on Shelbie. You know how this works."

Some great fake boyfriend Louis was turning out to be. I wasn't exactly covering up the fact that I didn't want to kiss Liam. I mean, I DID want to kiss Liam...Just, not like this. Not with his girlfriend glaring at me like she wanted to shove an ice pick through my temple. Oh, hell. What was I saying?

"Oh, come on! Just kiss!" Violet barked, snapping me out of it.

Liam reluctantly leaned across the circle, taking a glance at Danielle to see her fuming. A knot was building in my stomach as our lips quickly touched. It was an odd touch though. Lingering. Liam rights himself quickly, trying to act as if it hadn't effected him. Like that hadn't just been possibly the single most awkward thing to ever have happened to either of us. He was a good kisser though, I must admit.

Dear God, why was this happening to me? I already had a fake boyfriend. And a real boyfriend (well, kind of). Now I had a crush too? This was just too much.

"I think I'm going to go to sleep." I murmured, standing up and heading over to Niall's bunk, "Long day tomorrow. I suggest you all do the same soon."

"I think I'll turn in as well," Liam said, standing and following me to the bunks. Luckily his bunk was just across the walkway from Niall's. He turned towards me, eyes boaring into mine.

'Sorry.' I mouthed.

'Can we talk?' Whether about what just happened or about what had been happening since that night that we'd sang together I didn't know. I was just glad that he was giving me the time of day again.

I gave a quick nod of my head, "When we pull over next." I whispered.

Just before I was finally about to doze off, I began to hear whooping and guffawing from where the seemingly never ending game was still going on. When I twisted myself to see what had everyone in such an uproar, I was shocked. Niall and Danielle in a pretty intense lip lock.

Well... Ouch.
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