Jolly Holiday

Shelbie was a fashion designer. Very low key, living in upper Manhattan with her junkie brother. Then she got her big break. And that big break, went by One Direction.


32. Sorry

"Babe," I mumbled, trying to get Louis' attention. He was laying across my lap on the couch as I ran my fingers through his hair. After a long day of volunteering it was clear that he was beginning to get a bit groggy.

"Hmm?" he murmured, his eyes beginning to close.

"I was thinking, do you think that once all this blows over, maybe I could back on tour?"

He looked up at me with surprise, "Really? You decided that quickly?"

"Well, yeah. I just - I'd be happy to stay in Henryville and work at Goodfellas, or even to go back to New York and working at that design firm, but I just think I'd be happier if I went back out with the boys." I admitted.

"I'd have to talk to Manager, but I'm sure we could work something out. What brought this on?" he asked, heaving himself into a sitting position.

"I've just been thinking about the what ifs. What if I do stay in Indiana? What will that really do for me? Yeah, I'd be happy, but I'd feel like I was giving up on my boys."

"Well, I'm sure we can figure something out. I'm glad I'm going to have my girlfriend on tour this time around." he mumbled, leaning in to press a kiss to my lips.

"I love you, you know?" I giggled.

"Yeah, I know." he replied.

"So when do we go back to tour?" I asked as we returned to the position we were in earlier.

"Whenever you're ready to get back to it," he said, "I guess it just depends on how long you want to hang around here."

"I'm ready to put this behind me. And you all need to get back on tour. You've been canceling shows left and right. So..."

"What do you say we wait around a couple more days? Then we can get out of here and get the tour back on track."

"That sounds fine. And for the record," I added, "I'm glad your girlfriend is on tour this time around too."

"Hey guys." Liam said, coming down the steps and collapsing beside us on the couch, "How's it going?"

"Pretty good," I began, "Actually, there's kind of something you could do for me."

"Yeah, shoot."

"Do you think you could run to JayC and pick up Louis' pain meds? I'd do it myself, but I don't want to leave right now."

"Yeah, sure." he said, jumping up and heading out the door, "Oh, and Shelbs," he said, turning just before he left, "I'm sorry." It was clear he didn't want to say any more in front of Louis, but I understood.

My smile grew a bit wider. I understood, "Yeah, me too."

Then he nodded and left. The last I saw of him was the headlights on the wall. Twenty minutes later, there was a bag of medicine laying on the doorstep, but no Liam to be found.

He'd done what he'd come to do. He knew his friends were okay, and now he was done. He was probably halfway to thee airport by now.
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