Jolly Holiday

Shelbie was a fashion designer. Very low key, living in upper Manhattan with her junkie brother. Then she got her big break. And that big break, went by One Direction.


18. Rockstar

"I can't do this," my sister crowd, her eyes huge. She was practically hyperventilating, "I'm going to puke."

"No, you're not," I assured with a smile as I adjusted her ear piece and wrap around microphone just so, "You're going to be phenomenal. They are going to love you! And Ma is gonna cry and I'm going to explode from excitement-"

"Ms. Porter, you're on in two minutes." the stage manager called as she bustled across stand-by, making sure everything was in place.

Kat looked like she was about to cry! Good Lord! What if she went out there and choked? No. I couldn't think like that. I was supposed to be the happy, positive one of the bunch, "Kat, please don't cry! I just spent twenty minutes doing your make-up!"

"Ms. Porter, you're up!" the stage manager called once more, "Act One walking." she mumbled into her headset, talking to the lighting crew, band, and sound board guys.

"Break a leg!" I called, shoving her out onto the stage.

She lit up, every ounce of fear escaping her face as she waved to the crowd. They went absolutely ballistic. I did find it kind of weird. Nobody in the crowd knew who my sister was, nor if she had a lick of talent. And they were still cheering as if Celine Dion had just walked onto the stage.

"How are you doing tonight?" she called, the biggest of grins on her face. Genuine excitement, "Alright, now! I want everyone to have a good time tonight! So I only have one rule. Absolutely no one in this audience should be sitting at any point tonight! I want to see you all up dancing and having just a great a time as we are up here!" She was met with loads of screams from excited fan girls, "Let's get to it then!" she called, beginning to play the first few notes of the first song of the night.

"Robert's got a quick head
He'll look around the room
He won't tell you his plan
He's got a rolled cigarette
Hanging out his mouth
He's a cowboy kid,"

When did Kat's voice become so...soulful? It was beautiful, yes. But it was different then I remembered. When we were in that band together she was a soprano country girl. Now she was an alto range heart and soul. It was so out of the ordinary. So new.

The second she began to sing, the fans weren't cheering because it wasn't because she was One Direction's opening act. They were cheering because she was genuinely a star.

"He found a six-shooter gun
In his dad's old closet with a box of fun things
And I don't even know why
But he's coming for you
Oh, he's coming for you

"And all the other kids with the pumped up kicks
Better run, better run
Outrun my gun
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
Better run, better run
Faster than my bullet,"

She finished off the song to a round of wild applause. I could tell the song meat something to her, which made it that much more relatable to the audience.

"Thank you," she squealed, as the cheers slowly began to fade out, "This next song goes out to anyone who has ever felt bullied or alienated. Hopefully this will let you know that you are not alone. It's called Superheroes." the crowd erupted into whoops and hollers and cheers.

"I think about the days
When we were young and carefree
We never thought to ask
Who we are or who we should be
We just existed, with no resistance
We were superheroes then
But times have changed
And wars are raging
Underneath our skin,"

The song continued into a beautiful arc. I'd need heard it before. It must've been one of her originals. It was amazing. With a great message. And it complimented her voice so perfectly! She really had something special.

"Alright, I've got one last song for you all tonight before the people that you REALLY came here to see are ready," she chuckled at her own joke as the girls in the crowd shrieked louder than they had that whole night combined, "But for this last song, I'd like to ask a friend of mine to come out here and help me. Niall?" the crowd went absolutely ballistic as he ran out onto the stage, reclaiming his guitar and smiling at the girls in the front row before turning to my sister.

"Shall we?" he asked with a wink, beginning to strum along to a familiar tune as the whoops and hollers died out once more.

"Do you hear me
I'm talking to you
Across the water
Across the deep blue ocean
Along the open sky,"

"Boy, I hear you in my dreams,
Feel you whisper across the seas
You'll be with me in my heart
You make it easy when life gets hard,"

I could've cried hearing those two together. Match of the century for sure. It was almost like they were really feeling why they were singing toward each other. Which I knew wasn't true, as Niall kept turning to wink at me.

"Thanks for having me, guys!" Kat called, giving a final wave as she ran off stage, "How was it?" she panted as I furiously started pulling garments off of her, while simultaneously trying to wish all of the boys good luck.

It wasn't like she had to be back on stage in twenty seconds or anything, but it was particularly sweltering on the stage tonight. So I knew I needed to get her down to as little as possible as quickly as I could.

"You were totally amazing. And you were so chill. I lived te second song you did. I guess that was one of your originals?" I asked as we walked back to the dressing room, intent on chilling for the remainder of the concert. I figured the idiot assistant could take care of the one costume change the boys had.

"That was just do exhilarating. I wish I could do it again!" she admitted.

"Well, with a voice like that it won't be long now until you'll be able to do that every night from now on if you'd wanted!" I squealed, "You were a Rockstar, Kat. You really were. Do you want to get the boys out tonight and go to Nando's just as a winding down for the night?"

"That sounds really great, Sis." she giggled, pulling the giant bun out of her hair and wiping off the giant gobs of make-up.

My sister was a star. I was such a good person.
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