Jolly Holiday

Shelbie was a fashion designer. Very low key, living in upper Manhattan with her junkie brother. Then she got her big break. And that big break, went by One Direction.


13. Realization

Had someone told me a month ago I'd be sitting out by the dumpsters with Liam Payne I would've laughed. As it were, our entire caravan had pulled off at a petrol station to refuel. So this is where we were having our rendezvous.

"Bit nippy to be dressed like that, isn't it?" he asked, appraising my tank and short shorts.

"Sorry," I mumbled. I was
making a habit of lounging around the buses in my pajamas. If any paparazzi were to see it, I would be splashed across every 'Fashion Don't' blog from here to Timbuktu.

Liam quickly removed his zip-up and placed it around my shoulders. As comforting as it was, I couldn't see why he had decided to turn the 'nice' switch on all of a sudden. Something was up.

"So, is there any particular reason you wanted to talk? Other than to complain about what I'm wearing?" Snarky. Good, that's what I was going for.

"I wanted to apologize. Ian's I wanted you to know that I was only shutting you out to protect you."

Okay. That's the best he could come up with? To protect me? Way to throw me under the bus there, mate.

"You cannot seriously expect me to believe that? What is there to protect me from?" I snapped.

"Have you checked your Twitter in the past couple of weeks? Or read a magazine? They say horrible things about you, Shelbie! And most of them were because of those pictures of us at the bar! I just figured that if they saw that we weren't hanging out as much it would calm them down. I tried to do some damage control. So did Niall. It only really ended up making things worse."

"What are they saying about me?" I asked. Suddenly realization sank in. In the eyes of every fan girl and tabloid in the world, I was the One Direction whòre.

Suddenly everything Began to click. That's why I was fired. That's why Danielle gives me nasty looks. Because I'm the One Direction whóre.

I could feel rage bubbling up inside of me, "Show me. Please." it would've been so much simpler if I'd just been able to grab my own cell phone and look at my Twitter page, but it was shut off due to my inability to pay the bill.

"Shelbie, I don't think that's such a good ide-"

"SHOW ME." I barked.

He shook his head and pulled his phone out of his pocket, pulling up Twitter and handing it over. I did a quick login and was rushed by a slew of mentions. I looked on in horror as I scrolled.

@Just_Shelbs is a slüt.

Burn in Hell @Just_Shelbs!!!!!!!!!!!

Friends with benefits? Or just drinking buddies? @Just_Shelbs @real_liam_payne

I actually tearing up as I began to read through bashing, death threats, and every other horrible thing you could ever accuse a person of, "Why are they so hateful?" I murmured, trying to keep the tremble out of my voice.

His face was full of sympathy as I continued to read. Eventually I ended up giving up and bursting into tears. He was quick to take me in his arms. I collapsed on the ground and Liam braced my fall, trying to comfort me as best he could.

"Is this really how they see me?" I sobbed, looking at an online blog that was depicting me as a rather provocative stripper.

He rested his chin atop my head and let me have a good cry. My ego had literally just collapsed in a heap around me and there was nothing I could do. There was nothing I could do to stop the hate, "Is this what my family is seeing of me?" I gasped.

"It'll get better. I bet you anything that most of our fans support you." he tried to reassure me. Like that was possible. Every single tweet on my feed was from a ticked fan girl who wanted blood.

If it had just been the fans, I may have been able to power through it, pick myself up and move on with a smile. One Tweet in particular caught my eye though. And I may have very well puked at I not been with Liam.

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