Jolly Holiday

Shelbie was a fashion designer. Very low key, living in upper Manhattan with her junkie brother. Then she got her big break. And that big break, went by One Direction.


24. Funeral

I went through the motions on the day of the funeral. I showed up early and put on a smile. It was my job today to make sure that this thing went off without a hitch. And if that meant that I had to put on a fake smile and throw around pots and pans in the kitchen then by god that's what I was going to do.

"Need help, Love?" a familiar voice chided.

I turned, coming face to face with Violet and Katie, "What are you two doing here?" I asked in utter shock. I reached out to hug each of them, "I thought we said six months."

"You said you had to live without the boys for six months. You said nothing about your girlfriends. So tell us what we can do. We are here to serve you." Katie insisted.

"Well, can you all do me a solid and man the kitchen? I'm going to go upstairs and make sure Kat's casket is ready."

"Sure thing, Babe!" Violet called. And just like that, they went to work like slaving housewives.

As I stood in the chapel gazing about it finally hit me what I was here to do. I was actually going to have to say goodbye to my sister for good this time. I let a few tears fall, but refused to break down in front of all these people. In front of the parents who damn well murdered their daughter.

"Hey, Shelbie," one somber voice stuck out among the others that had been going in one ear and our the other.

I raised my head to the person who I'd least expected to see at my sister's funeral, "Well if it isn't Harry Styles. What are you doing here, Harry?"

"I'm here as a friendly face." No offense, Babe, but it isn't exactly the friendliest of faces, "The fight had nothing to do with me. So I figured I had nothing to lose. I could pay my respects and leave. Plus there's the fact that Katie and Violet wouldn't have been able to figure out how to get out of the hotel parking lot without someone directing them." That made me chuckle. I'd missed the One Direction humor.

"Well thank you for coming, Harry. I appreciate it." I realized that those were some of the first civil words we'd spoken to each other in months. And it was followed by a slightly awkward hug. But then again, all funeral hugs were awkward. So I guess it was just a normal hug.

Even if he wasn't exactly who I wanted to see, Harry was a huge comfort. Even after only three days away, I was starting to have separation anxiety (if that's the term) from the boys. He was doing me (and everyone else) a great justice by being here.
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