Jolly Holiday

Shelbie was a fashion designer. Very low key, living in upper Manhattan with her junkie brother. Then she got her big break. And that big break, went by One Direction.


20. Down

"Time of death was fourteen fifty-seven. I'm sorry for your loss."

I broke down. Loud sobs wracked my entire body as Liam shielded me from onlookers. Zayn sat beside me, trying to keep me calm, as even he began to well up. I shoved him aside as I felt my first bout of sickness come. I heaved my body towards the nearest garbage can just as it came. Liam stood behind me, supporting my weight and pulling my hair out of my face.

I couldn't be silent, I was so wracked with every emotion. Devastation. Worry for the future. Fury that my parents didn't have enough common sense to think that there would camera flashes at a freaking concert.

Just then, Niall and Louis came shoving into the waiting room. Perfect timing, "Harry and Katie went to get your parents. They should be along any minute. How is she?" Louis asked, and he was greeted by a grim look from Zayn and another wave of illness from me.

"Oh - oh no." Niall mumbled under his breath. He collapsed in the chair directly beside Zayn.

"She hemorrhaged when her brain started to swell and they couldn't get it under control." Zayn whisper, his voice husky with tears. He'd said it twice already. I think he was trying to come to terms with it by repeating the scientific mumbo jumbo over and over again.

"I don't want to see my parents." I sobbed, "We need to leave now."

"Well, we can't." Niall mumbled under his breath, pointing to the parking lot, where at least a hundred media personnel were trying to smash up against the glass and get pictures of us, "We won't be able to get past them."

Then above everyone else, I saw familiar tufts of pink and purple hair. Violet. I stood up, flattening my hair and standing up, matching to the door and opening it wide.

I could hear Violet screaming over all of the press inquiries, "GIVE THE GIRL SOME PRIVACY!" repeatedly. Obviously it wasn't working. They wanted to talk to me. So I was going to talk this time.

"Thanks, Violet. I have something I'd like to say though." I stood stony-faced in front of hundreds of reporters, whose mice were all turned towards me.

Disgust suddenly raged through me and I gave a menacing scowl, "Congratulations, folks. You've got yourself a story!" I shouted, "but while you're publishing whatever bulllshit you're going to publish about me and my friends this time I'd just like you to know that that random girl that passed out at Nando's was my little sister. She died at three o'clock this morning. Do you know why? She had an Epileptic attack. She had a seizure because of the flashes on YOUR cameras. You were only concerned about your next story! And my sister, her name was Katherine; and she was SIXTEEN. Her life was barely just beginning. So while you publish this in your magazine or your newspaper, or your blog, just think about this; you all are the reason my baby sister is dead."

With that I turned and walked back into the waiting room with Violet calmly. The boys' mouths were agape. I had never truly seen them all at a loss for words until today.

"Can we just go back to the hotel? Please." I pleaded.

Niall and Louis both stood, grabbing my handstand intertwining our fingers. I sat in the back between the two and Liam proceeded to drive the five of us back to our temporary home.

Once we were there and parked, I turned to Niall my eyes selling up again, "Can I stay with you tonight?" I asked pathetically.

He nodded silently, guiding me to his room and unlocking the door. Liam, Zayn, and Louis each gave me one final hug before returning to their respective rooms.

I finally collapsed into bed feeling absolutely spent. I couldn't cry anymore. I barely even had my voice left. I finally felt another body beside mine and an arm looping around my waist pulling me close.

"You know it's weird. I hadn't seen or spoken to my sister in almost three years, but when she walked off that plane, she was the same old Kat. It was like I hadn't missed a thing. Even after not speaking to her for so long, she never stopped sing there for me."

It was obvious he had nothing to say. He couldn't empathize, obviously. And sympathy really wasn't my thing, and by he certainly knew that.

"I love you, you know?" I mumbled as my eyed began to flutter.

"Yeah, I know." was the last thing I heard before drifting off into a distressed sleep.
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