Jolly Holiday

Shelbie was a fashion designer. Very low key, living in upper Manhattan with her junkie brother. Then she got her big break. And that big break, went by One Direction.


15. Dixie

"So, I think I know how I can cheer you up." Louis murmured from where he sat, my head in his lap. I hadn't left this couch in two days. All I wanted to do was sulk. I just watched as the world worked around me.

"Why can't you just let me be miserable?" I whined, covering my face with my hands.

"You haven't moved from that spot in two days love. You haven't eaten or stretched. And frankly I have a feeling that once you changed out of those sweats they'll be able to walk on their own." he admitted, "Besides, you're going to have some company soon. I'm assuming you'll want to spiffy up for them?"

That made me sit up, "Someone's coming to see me? Who?" I asked.

If it was my boss from back home I was screwed. My goal while I was on your was to represent the label with pride. Look how well that turned out.

"That's a secret. But you should get dressed. I'm taking you to meet them in about an hour."

"Meet them?"

"We're picking them up at the airport." he had a cheeky grin. Whatever he was planning, he sure was proud of it.

"Fine." I huffed, heaving myself to my feet, "Give me twenty minutes. Then we can get coffee on the way." Without another word, I dashed to jump in the shower.

I towel dried my hair and tousled it hurried before smearing on some makeup and putting on whatever was on the top of my suitcase.

"How exactly do you plan on getting us to the airport?" I finally asked. Louis certainly didn't have a car. And I determined a long time ago that taxis in Europe had brought me within an inch of my life. So naturally we didn't take those anymore. Then where did that leave us?

"I bought a car," he said excitedly, "I signed for it yesterday."

"Is it a fancy car?" I did like rich people cars, "Can I see it?"

"It's not exactly a fancy car, but I think you'll definitely like it." I was bouncing on the balls of my feet excitedly, "Close your eyes." he commanded.

"Seriously, we're going to do this?" I asked. I'd always found the whole the whole 'close your eyes' thing kind of hokey.

"Yes we're going to do this because it's romantic and exciting. And I am your fake boyfriend, after all." he said it like he was fighting with the idea himself. I had a feeling he thought it was kind of hokey too.

We walked for a very short distance and then he placed his hands on my shoulders and I could feel his breath against my ear as he whispered, "Okay, open."

"No way." I guffawed, "IT'S DIXIE!" I squealed, staring at my old Plum 2001 PT Cruiser. I hadn't seen this thing since I left Henryville! It was the car is learned to drive in, "Is it really-"

"Yup, it's really her. I got in touch with your folks. They sent in over for you. On my dime of course."

"Lou, this is too much." I gasped, taking the passenger seat. He took to the driver's side and we took off down the road toward the airport, "Dint go getting all sentimental on me, now."

As we stood in the airport I slowly mentally ticked off the list of people we could be meeting. My boss. My brother. Bex. I was really about to burst from excitement. But when I saw who walked off the plane I was absolutely shell-shocked. My coffee splattered to the ground as I took off sprinting right into the waiting arms of my mother.

"Ma, what are you doing here?" I sobbed. I turned to my dad, a squat man, who was standing beside her and pressed a kiss to his cheek. I couldn't wrap my head around the fact that they were actually here. In front of me. In Europe.

"You left me with the smelly old guy!" a familiar girl complained. She looked rather enamored. She was also about a foot taller than I remember her being.

"KAT!" I squealed, taking my sixteen year old sister in my arms.

Her face lit up upon seeing me. We jumped up and down like giddy school children and squealed in excitement. Ma put an arm around me to keep me somewhat under control.

"This was all Louis' idea," Ma pointed out, "Said he reckoned you could use a good cheering up."

"We're here for the whole weekend." Kat shrieked. I don't think she could've been anymore excited. I didn't know if she was actually a One Direction fan, but I did know for a fact that this was her first plane ride ever. And knowing it was on Louis, they had most likely flown first class as well. Quite the ordeal.

"Shall we get going?" Louis grabbed bags from Kat and my mother, "We've reserved you all a room in the hotel that we're staying at for the next couple of days. It's on me, of course."

"Please let me reimburse you," my father begged. He had never been one to accept a freebie.

"No, Sir." Louis chuckled. Good grief. I'd never seen him so cordial, "This is completely on me. Just make sure to keep Shelbie entertained this weekend."

I couldn't believe this. It was my family. Well, eighty percent of them, anyway. We were all together. After years! I was going to have to come up with a really good thank you for Louis.
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