Jolly Holiday

Shelbie was a fashion designer. Very low key, living in upper Manhattan with her junkie brother. Then she got her big break. And that big break, went by One Direction.


7. Date

"That was wicked!" I shrieked a the boys ran off the stage for the final time. They were swimming in their own sweat. I worked hard to clean the boys up a bit before they had to go out to their meet-and-greet, "That was bloody fantastic!"

"You act like you've never been to a concert before," Zayn said, as he shrugged off his sweat-drenched jacket.

I couldn't help but feel a bit sheepish as I shrugged my shoulders, "Well, I kind of - have never been to a concert before."

All of the boys seemed to have froze, looking at me in disbelief, "What did you expect?" I asked nervously, "I lived in central Nowheresville, Indiana for the first fifteen years of my life. When I moved to Manhattan, I couldn't exactly afford much else other than food and a roof. So, there really wasn't much time for concerts."

They seemed to take that and roll with it, "Can I talk to you, Shelbs?" Niall asked, taking me by the elbow and leading me to the hall, which was pretty much empty, save for a couple of the security guards.

"Niall, can this wait? We need to get you ready for the meet and greet. You have to be ready in twenty minutes!"

"This can't wait..." he murmured, taking one of my hands in his own. Okay. This was getting kind of weird.

"Alright, get on with it, then." I felt bad for hurrying him, but I wasn't exactly doing fantastic at my job thus far. The last thing I needed was to make Niall late for his first meet and greet.

"I - I like you." he mumbled, casting his gaze down to the ground.

"I like you too." I said hurriedly, jerking my hand away from him, "We're friends. It's nice. Now we really need to go, Niall."

"No, Shelbie! You're not listening to me. I fancy you." he gasped exasperatedly.

My jaw dropped, "If this is about that kiss - it was just tradition, right? I'm your friend. You needed someone. I was there for you. That's all."

"Shelbie, maybe you haven't realized this yet, but I am famous. I could've picked any random girl out of the crowd, and it would've been perfectly fine. I fancy you and it's not just because I kissed you."

"Well, Niall, that's awfully sweet of you, but I'm not quite sure what you're getting at-"

"Come out with me. On a date. Tomorrow." he seemed to be at a complete loss for words. It was sweet. I liked it. Probably a little bit too much.

On the other hand, we did have another show tomorrow. That meant that we were going to have to be at a dead sprint from dawn until dusk. I was torn, "What about the show?"

"It's not like they'll miss me. I'm just there to sway in the background and be pretty." he made a joke of it, but I knew he was serious, "Just come on a date with me. We can go out for coffee, or something. Or we could just hang out in my room?"

"Well, it's a little soon for that, don't you think?" I asked, a smirk ghosting across my face.

His face went pale and he suddenly became serious, "No, no! I wasn't implying anything. I just meant to hang out; you know, like we usually to. But we could just, you know, count it as a date?"

"That sounds nice." I extended my hand to him, a grin extending from ear to ear, "It's a date."

He took my hand, giving it a shake, before pulling me into a hug, "Nialler, we've got to get back to the boys. We've got," I looked down at my watch, my eyes growing huge, "Oh my God, we've got five minutes to get out there." I chuckled, taking his hand and dragging him into the fitting room, "Put this on." I commanded, throwing one of my own creations at him.

"Are you insane?" he squeaked, glaring down at the outfit I had thrown at him, "I'm not wearing this. You're stark raving mad."

It was the one outfit I'd wanted to create more than anything. Pink skinny jeans with the white and grey striped v-neck. It was harsh, daring. And there was only one boy who could pull it off.

"Come on, Nialler," I whined, "You're the only one who can pull this off. It's daring and outgoing and just a little bit dangerous. And - "

"Shelbie, there are going to be rumors about me being gay by tomorrow morning!"

"Be a trendsetter, Niall! If a member of One Direction does it, then someone else is bound to do it, and then soon enough - "

"Fine, I'll do it." he whined, shutting himself behind the fitting curtain and changed into the outfit I had forced him into, "I really don't like this, Love."

"You'll look fine. Just let me see it!" I called, and after a bit more coaxing, he finally pulled back the curtain.

And just like I'd expected, he looked astounding. I couldn't wait to see what the public would be saying about it. This might be the one bit of positive publicity my designs could be getting.

Oh Lord. Was that the one thing I was worried about? No. That would make me a sick horrible person. And I am not a sick and horrible person!

"Okay, you look fantastic," I had to stroke his ego a bit to get him to go out in his pink skinny jeans. He still seemed a bit doubtful, "We need to hurry, though. You were supposed to be out there like five minutes ago. Let's get going, like, now."

"I hate you, you know?" he cackled. Nice. Real nice. How very romantic.

"Right back at you, Buddy." I punched his arm as we left the fitting room.

So, I was going out tomorrow. On a date. With Nialler.

There was only one thing deterring me from it.

My boyfriend.
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