Jolly Holiday

Shelbie was a fashion designer. Very low key, living in upper Manhattan with her junkie brother. Then she got her big break. And that big break, went by One Direction.


1. Prologue

At the age of sixteen I moved away from my small hometown of Henryville, Indiana with my brother, Cameron. After much deliberation we found a shoebox apartment in Manhattan where we both agreed we would be able to follow our dreams.

We used to be close, Cameron and me, but after moving to New York, I barely saw him unless it was passed out drunk on the couch. While I was busy waiting tables and applying for internships for small-time designers, he was playing his guitar on street corners and running with his new "crew".

Needless to say, I was saving my meager earnings and biding my time until I could find myself a one-way ticket to London, where the big-time stylists were.

I wanted nothing more in my life than to be a fashion designer. I wanted to be a trendsetter. I wanted for it to be "socially acceptable" for women to wear camouflage and for men to wear bright pink skinny jeans. Surely someday a designer would see my work and go for it.

That was the mindset I had been in for the past two years. Someday. Eventually. Just around the river bend. I was nothing, though. I worked my ass off with double and triple shifts at posh restaurants, just trying to make end's meat.

And I was all set to give up- high tail it back to Henryville- when I got that phone call. A personal designer for some new boy band I had never heard of had seen one of my sketches and was interested in my work! Just like that, I was signed on for a six month internship.

I accepted in a heartbeat. I knew how these boy bands were, though. They got one Top 40 if they were lucky, but they went just as fast as they came, so I knew the gig wouldn't last.

Little did I know, I was about to sign my name on the line for what could possibly be considered one of the biggest pop culture phenomenal of our age. And this phenomena could be summed up in two little words.

One. Direction.
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