Only by Chance

Delihla has had a tough life and when her only friend moved to America for school things got worse. When her boyfriends cheats on her she has no where to go. but somebody finally takes her and shows her how to love. Sorry I suck at bios so...please just read and see what you think.


11. Released

~~~Delihla's Pov.~~~

The doctors said I could leave the next day. And right now it was about 11:30 at night. I just woke up to Liam sitting next to my bed. He is so sweet. I am so happy this day was almost over. It just hasnt been going our way. I just want it to end. I slid over in my bed to make some room for him like I did earlier and patted next to me.

"C'mon keep me warm!" I said as I winked at him. He chuckled and slid under the blanket right up to my side and snaked his arms around my waist and pulled me closer being careful not to move my feet. "Thank you for being there for me. For everything. I dont know what I would have done if I hadnt met you." I know. I was like in random mood swing from giggly to serious but he needed to know. I felt hot tears start rolling down m ay cheeks.

"Now now." Liam gently said, "We have had a long day. So no tears. Ok, love?" He swept away my tear with his thumb and drew my head to his chest. I nodded and buried my face deeper into his shirt. It may sound creepy but he smelled like home and I felt myself relax and sleep take over my body.


I woke up in Liam's arms but he was awake and the televsion was on. Spongebob! YAY! I straightened out and strentched my arms and yawned dramtically just because I could. Liam kissed me sweetly on the lips. That woke me up. I blushed.

"Good morning, beautiful!" he sounded so joyful! It was contagious!

"Why are you so happy?"

"Because the sun rose into the sky! Because unicorns are real AND you get to leave today AND tomorrow is Christmas! So today it a pretty good day all around."

"Yeah I guess it is!" The nurse came in and made me sign some stuff then Liam handed me my clothes (Since i was in a hopsital gown). And the we finally left the hospital. They gave me some pain meds and said I should take them twice a day for two weeks. I would be on crutches for about a week since the bottom of my foot still had yet to heal but I could finally leave. When Liam pulled into the appartment parking lot I had never felt happier to be anywhere in my life! I hate being in a confinfed area for long ammounts of time I always had to move or shift positions. So i HATE hospitals. Since it was icy liam didnt want my good foot or my crutches slipping so he carried me into the building. I expected him to put me down when we got inside but he didnt.

"Liam, I can go the rest of the way."

"I know but why take the risk, DeDe!" He winked at me. "Oh yeah! We are gonna go to London the day after tomorrow and meet up with the boys. So you will get to meet all of them. They are pretty awesome I think you will like them Then we are picking your friend Casey up a few days after we get to london!" I almost flipped out of Liams arms when I heard that!

"WHAT THAT IS SO AMAZING!!!! I HAVE MISSED CASEY SOO MUCH AND SHE GETS TO MEET YOU!!" I was jumping in his arms slightly. He looked down at me as the elevator carried us to our floor and he just laughed. Liam walked me into our appartment then set me down on the couch. Then a sudden relizeation hit me, "LIAM ITS CHRISTMAS EVE!!!"

"Yupperdoodles!" he said patting my head like a dog. 

"Well, then we gotta do SOMETHING!" I thought for a moment, "Do you wana watch cheesy Christmas movies?"

"Lets do it!" he said as he plopped down next to me on the couch and pulled me close to him. I flicked on the TV  and found like 5 sappy christmas movies in a row on one channel! One movie was being so stupid I got soooo mad! I started jumping on the couch with one leg yelling at the stupid man on the televison with hot hate tears streaming down my face, "YOU BOILED POTATO!!! GO SNIFF SOME ROTTEN MILK!!"

"Dede, sit down. Your gonna hurt yourself!" Liam said softly pulling me back down. he pulled me into his chest and rubbed my back. "Its ok it will have a happy ending you'll see." We watched like seven more movies after that and they all made me cry. I get super emotional in movies. "C'mon, love we have to go to sleep." He whispered into my ear. I was already half dead on the couch. I threw my arms in the air like a child motioning for him to carry me. (he does that alot) He lifted me up and carried me to bed and tucked me in. "Sweet dreams, beautiful." He whispered as he kissed my forehead.

~!~Authors Not~!~

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Years. Sorry I didnt update for a while. I used the nickname! I hope this chapter was ok i just want to get to where she is in london! And I am still not even there yet! UGGGGG! I want all the boys in it! Leave your instagram and i will follow it! or you could just find me i am @i_wanna_be_a_cupcake. Thanks a bunch for reading! :*

Love, Dani .x





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