Only by Chance

Delihla has had a tough life and when her only friend moved to America for school things got worse. When her boyfriends cheats on her she has no where to go. but somebody finally takes her and shows her how to love. Sorry I suck at bios so...please just read and see what you think.


10. Phone Calls

~~~Liam's Pov.~~~

I waited for Delihla to come out of her surgery. And waited. I felt my phone vibrate in pocket. It was Harry.

"Hey Hazza." I said completely monotoned and depressed.

"Geez Li dont sound so happy!" Harry said playing with me. I had a ghost of a smile play on my lips but nothing grand.

"Not having the best day but at the same time it was good."

"Poor little Li Li." he said apologetically. "So since we have been apart for a few weeks I am dying without my four best friends and i was woundering if we could all go to London and do stuff and hang out togather. Its weird being with out everyone. I already talked to everyone else they were cool with it. Now its just you."

"Sounds fine. Can I bring some one with me?"

"Whateva pulls your peach Li Li! And it would be the day after christmas so we can celebrate that with our families first then all togather after. OH.... wait your parents are gone. You can come spend Christmas with my family and me!"

"Nah its ok I have someone to spend it with."

"Oooo little Liam's got a special friend. A little girly friend perhaps!!!"

I blushed so much one of the nurses looked at me, "Haz, your such a girl sometimes!"

"But you love it! So call us man you have been isolated! Its becasue of this special friend isn't it!?!" I was quiet. "CALLED IT!! So when you get to the airport just go to the startbuck! See ya!" then he make kissy noises into the phone.

I laughed. "Bye Hazza!" Then I hung up on his obnoxios kissy noises. I cant wait for the boys to meet Delihla! I think they were gonna like her a lot. My thoughts were drifting away when I heard Little Mix singing DNA. Thats a strange hospital music choice. Then I realized it was coming from my other pocket. Then I remebered I had taken Delihla's phone before the surgery. You never know who you can trust even in a hospital. I was debating weather I should answer it. She only had like two contacts me and her friend Casey. So I decided to answer.

"Hello this is the phone of Delihla Everette."

"Umm who are you and where is my best friend?" the voice from the phone said.

"I am Liam!" i said cheerfully! "Who am I speaking to?"

"Uhh this is Casey."

"Its so cool to talk to you finally Delihla has told me so much about you!"

"WHAT DID YOU DO KIDNAP HER?????" she screamed into the phone.

I laughed into the phone. "NO!! Its a long story but I am her boyfriend! Can I have her call you back when she can. I am sure she would love to talk to you!"

"Oh! Ok actually just ask her if she could come pick me up from the airport in London? I will be there a few days after Christmas?"

"Yeah sure and we can definatly pick you up!"

"Ok thanks! Bye!"

"Bye!" I was popular this evening! I looked at the clock bringing me back to reality. Then doors opened and a nurse walked out.

"Liam Payne?" I stood up and walked over to her. "The sugery went beautifully and you can come see her. She is still sleeping though." I nodded and followed the nurse through the doors. When I walked into her room and she was sleeping peacefully one her bed with her foot propted up on some pillows. I walked over to the chair I was sitting in earlier and sat down. I picked up her hand and started tracing words on them with my fingers. Without realizing I began to softly sing Paradise by Coldplay because it was one of her favorite songs that never got old for her. As the lyrics flowed out of my lips I traced them on her hand. When I finished the song I kissed the fingertips on that hands gently. Then I felt someone's familliar touch run their hand throught my hair then kiss my head. I looked up and saw Delihla's illuminating smile.

~!~Author Note~!~

So I hope like it. I knew I had to bring in the other boys because its not a true fanfic with out ALL the boys! Another thing!!! I need a nick name for Delihla because it gets annoying calling her that the whole time! so comment your ideas please! Thanks a bunch for reading!

Love, Dani .x

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