Only by Chance

Delihla has had a tough life and when her only friend moved to America for school things got worse. When her boyfriends cheats on her she has no where to go. but somebody finally takes her and shows her how to love. Sorry I suck at bios so...please just read and see what you think.


3. New Day

Delihla's Pov.

I woke the next morning on the man who helped me's shoulder. We were still in the booth at the diner. All the memories of yesterday came flooding back. This guy was so kind to me. I was so grateful for him. I hope i wasnt a bother. Then it hit me I never asked for his name. I tickled his sides until he woke up. I was giggleing so hard i snorted. Then he smiled and his eyes were still closed. He had short brown hair and a killer smile. He was a very fit looking guy.

"Wakey wakey!" I said as I poked his sides. He finally opened his eyes. They were those brown eyes anyone could get lost in. They completely melted me. Shut it Delihla!!

"Morning!" he smiled at me. Glad I was already sitting he makes my knees turn into jelly! Shut up already Delihla you bearly know this guy!

" Last night I never caught your name. What is it?" I asked as I smiled at him. 

"Liam James Payne at your service!" he exclaimed while winking at me.

"Well I would like to thank you for all your help, Liam! Its nice to have someone care!" then I started to think about what I was goning to do next. He must have picked up on this because after he said

"So your going to come stay at my place end of story! You have no where else to go and I live in a penthouse. That takes care of you places to go!" Liam exclaimed.

"Are you sure I would really hate to be a bother?"

"With out a doubt!" and with that he slid out of the booth and twirled like an idiot. Then came around to face me again.

"Alrighty." I huffed. Then I smiled at him warmly and said, "Thank you! For everything you have no idea how much it means to me."

Then he stared me straight in the eyes,"Its my pleasure." 

And then he walked up and paid the waitress. She stared at Liam the whole time practically undressing him with her eyes. As we walked away I leaned in and wispered to her," Take a picture it lasts longer." Then I winked and walked away. Being around Liam made me so much more confident than around any one else. I think this is actually who i really am! Only Casey had ever seen this side of me. Liam opened the door for me like he did last night. I mumbled my thanks and smiled at him. I plopped into the car setting everything I had at my feet.

"Alrighty, love, ready to go?" Liam asked as he jumped into the car. I realized that i actually trusted someone naturally right now. I just met him last night and he showed me more kindness than anyone who had said they loved me before.

"Yupperdoodles!" I said as I bounced in my seat. Leaving that diner was like leaving all of my past I know it would always haunt me, but I wouldn't have to look at things the reminded me of the people who had abandoned me when I needed them. Everything around me back home reminded me of them. Now I can leave it all behind! I hope Liam will treat me right. As we pulled out of that parking lot. I felt my issuses being swept away like the bugs on the windshield.


Liam's Pov.

"So what music do you like to listen to?" I asked as we drove towards Wolverhampton.

"I like a lot of music! Ummm... I really like Ed Sheeran, Adele, Cher Lloyd, and never forget Justin Bieber! Oh!!!! and there is that one band I dont know to much about them but they sing that one song! Ugg i cant remeber it....." She sounded so much better than last night. She was so much more happy and bubbly than yesterday!

"Yeah, they are all so talented! I have no idea who what band your talking about though! You can play with the radio if you want!" I told her. She eagerly turned it on and started fiddling with the tuneing knob.

" THIS IS THAT ONE SONG!!!" she screamed and started bounceing in her seat like a child, I laughed. It was What Makes You Beautiful.

"That was by One Direction," the radio announcer shouted through the speakers of the Range Rover,"We want to know which guy is your favorite! So call us and tell us!"


I looked over at Delihla. She stared straight ahead with her eyes open so wide I thought that they might pop out. I dont think blinked for an entire minute!

"Blinking is a good thing you know." I chuckled at her.

"Have I been living under a freakin rock?" she wondered out loud.

"Is it ok that I am in One Direction?" I hoped she would still treat me the same it was nice to just be Liam not Liam of One Direction all the time. And she made me feel that way this morning. She didn't want my attention to marry me she just wanted to be my friend....

She looked over at me and shruged," I didnt know when i met you! So why would it matter now?"

"Sounds legit to me!" I said. "We are almost there! Promise!" I said because I saw she was starting to get fidgety.

"Good I hate sitting still when I am excited!" she said sticking her head out the window and waving at random people. I laughed at her. She was gonna be so fun to have around!



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