Only by Chance

Delihla has had a tough life and when her only friend moved to America for school things got worse. When her boyfriends cheats on her she has no where to go. but somebody finally takes her and shows her how to love. Sorry I suck at bios so...please just read and see what you think.


9. Just Our Luck

~~~Delihla's Pov.~~~

Once they finally fished us out of the elevator it was already like 4 o'clock!! Holy cheese itz! took them long enough! But me and Liam  decided to continue on our adventure!

"Lets get something to eat!" I said and my stomach emphasised it. So we stopped at a little cafe next door to the store and got something to eat. Then we went and bought the lights and ornaments. We bought big red bulbs and ones that had funny pictures portrayed on them. Then we walked back down the street to our apartment.


"Yeah, love?" he said swinging our hands back and forth.

"Can we take the stairs?" he chuckled.

"Of course! Are we going to start decorating when we get home?"

"YES!!" i screamed jumping up and down and squeezing his shouder. He laughed. His smiled was so contageous. So i started smiling like an idiot, too. When he openned the door to the stairs I looked up through the middle and stared all the way up.

Seeing my expression Liam laughed and said,"Come on we better get started!" We walked and talked at the same time. We were walking in silence when Liam randomly blurted out," Whats your full name? I just realized you never told me."

"Oh yeah! Thats kinda weird! Its Delihla Belle Everett." Thats strange I had never told him before.

"Thats a nice name!"

I shrugged then sat on the ground at the next platform. "Break time!"

"Nope we gotta keep going or we will never get therre before like ten!" Liam said. I gave him a pouty face hopeing that he would let us rest. He didnt even look phased by all the walking up the stairs. "Come on i will give you a piggie back ride." he said.

"You dont have to carry me! Besides I dont wanna hurt you!"

"Ok now you have to get on my back!" he stared at me with puppy dog eyes until i broke.

"FINE!" i said standing up and walking over to him.

"YAY!" he said as i jumped on his back. He started up the stairs again and i played with his hair as he walked. I gave him a fohawk then i gave him the nerdy part down the middle then i messed it up just the way i wanted. Perfect! i smiled to myself! "Having fun back there," he asked as we arrived on our floor. I hopped of his back.

"Yes!! I love playing with short hair! Oh and thanks for carrying me." I said kissing his cheek right next to his mouth.

"You are quite welcome!" he said opening up the door for me and slipping his arm arround may waist and following when i passed. I blushed but i dont think he noticed. We walked into the appartment and i set down the ornaments on the ground by the tree and then jumped on the couch and sat cross legged and flipped on the television and skimmed through the channels. Then Liam came and layed down with his head in my lap. I ran my fingers through his hair and kissed his nose. HE smiled and brought me head down for a really kiss. It was prefect. "Come on lets get started!" he said getting up and walking over to the tree. I started to put up the lights and he got the ones up high because i was to short. Yes, I am pretty short. I am only 5'3.

Then we started to hang up the ornaments. As i was hanging up an ornament pretty high up for my height i lifted one of my feet of the ground. And as i set it down i felt something break and pieces of glass stab my foot. I couldn't feel any pain yet because i was still in shock but then it hit me like a pile of bricks. Blood started gushing from the open wounds and and the pain was shooting up my leg. Then Liam walked back from the kitchen where he had gone to get a drink. He rushed in and helped me over to the counch.

"What happened?!" 

"I stepped on an orament that fell off the bottom." i gushed as tears were flowing in a steady stream down my face.

"This isnt our day is it!" he said as he took of his shirt and wrapped it gently around my foot. "I am gonna go grab a different shirt and our coats then we can going to the hospital!" then he gently kissed my lips reassuring me that he was going to take care of me. Then he dashed out of the room. When he came back he had on a fresh shirt and his coat on. He came over drapped my coat over my shoulder and scooped me into his arms. He ran me out to the car and set me in the passenger seat then got in on his side. He held me hand the whole way there. Once we got to the emergency room he picked me up out of the car and I layed my head on his chest trying to forget the pain exploding from my foot. Liam's shirt on my foot was soaked through from the bleeding. Once we  were inside they took me into a room, but Liam had to stay outside and fill out papers. A nurse got me settled into my bed and examined my foot with a worried expression. When she was done she said the doctor would be there soon to take care of it.

~~~Liam's Pov.~~~

I filled out all the paper work as fast as i could and then one of the nurses called for me to fill me in. I walked over to her. She was a pretty young nurse and recognized me but kept it cool and fixed her hair as I came closer to the doors.

"She is going to have to have emergency surgery to get all the glass out. Some of it is very deep and make have pierced her tendon. And if the tendon is to damaged to fix she may loose the use of her foot." the nurse explained. This was all my fault. I should have been there to help her. She didnt deserve this. She has been through enough pain already.

"Can I see her?" I asked fighting the worried tears threatening to burst. She led me to the room and slipped something into my pocket as i entered. I pulled it out. Her number typical. I tossed it on the ground and walked over to Delihla's bed.

"How are you doing?" i asked her as i pulled up a chair.

"Better the gave me a pain killer. So i cant really feel my foot right now." I grasped her hand tightly and kissed it. "Its ok they are gonna fix me" She said looking me in the eyes. I could see she wasnt totally convinced of her own words. Then the tears started down her face. She slid over in the bed and patted the spot next to her. I climbed in and wrapped my arms around her and kissed her head. She rested her head on my chest and we waited in silence for the doctor. When they came to take her for the surgery i kissed her and got up and sat back down in the chair. Now all i could do is wait and hope she would be alright.


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