Only by Chance

Delihla has had a tough life and when her only friend moved to America for school things got worse. When her boyfriends cheats on her she has no where to go. but somebody finally takes her and shows her how to love. Sorry I suck at bios so...please just read and see what you think.


6. Grocery shopping

Liam's Pov.

Wakng up to Delihla's face showed me my day was going to be great!

"So what kinds of stuff are we gonna get?" I asked completely clueless.

"Ice cream."

"What about like dinner stuff?"

"Yeah what about ice cream!"she smiled. She poked my stomach. "whats your favorite type of foods that is easy enough for a dummy to cook?"

"This should be interesting!" i said. She started giggling. Her laugh was so contagious. I started cracking up. Then she started laughing harder!

"Your laugh is so cute!!!"she giggled it.

"We are here!!" I jumped out of the car and opened her door for her like i always do. Her face turned serious and she tilted her head while studying the ground. She looked like she had something to say. "What?" I poked her stomach.

She smiled a little crooked smile," Why do you always open my door?"

"I dont know."

She just giggled and grabed my hand and started swinging it back and forth and started skipping. "C'mon Liam skip with me!!!"

So i skipped with her into the store! We probably looked like dorks but i didnt care. As long as she was happy so was I. she was simling so big i think it could have out shined the sun. "Where to first?" She asked not letting go of my hand.

"Ice cream! DUH!" I winked at her.

We walked around and got a whole bunch of random stuff! It was so fun though! Who knew grocery shoping could be enjoyable! Only with her i guess. When we got to the check out. there was an old lady standing infront of us. She smiled at us.

"You are adorable togather!" she said. I blushed furiously and i saw Delihla blush too.

"Oh we arent togather ma'am." I said politely. Delihla went to start puting the food in the bags.

"Well, you dont let that one get away young man! she special to you i cant tell! I know you dont want an old lady like me for love advice but you dont let that one get away young man!" then she putted my shoulder and walked away.

"Dont worry i wont." I wispered to myself. We left the store, and went back to the apartment.

"I know how to make french toast!" Delihla proudly announced." Can I make some?!"

"Of couse!! How about we have a lazy day today?"

She let out a huff and looked relieved."Thank you!"

"Can i help you make them? Pleeeeease?" I asked with my best puppy dog face. She blushed and scrunched up her nose. She looked so cute! I ran over and picked her up by the waist and threw her over my shoulder. She just acted like it was a normal thing and stared listing of the ingredients we needed! I started laughing so hard! I took her over the the cupboards so she could start grabing everything. she got everything out and just kept talking about the randomest things! I couldnt take it i had to put her down or i would drop her i was laughing so hard. I was hillarious how casual she was being about it.

"Works everytime!" she said pretending to dust herself off. "Lets start!!"

we made the french toast and it was soooo good. The we went to the livng room to watch TV. She picked out some movies to watch for the day and i sat down on the couch and got comfy. she started walking towards the couch we she stoped suddenly and ran out of the room. Where was she going? The she came running back with purple pillow pet in her hands then she grabed the remote and thew the hippo on my lap and layed down on the couch with her head on the pillow. I played with her hair as the movie began. She looked up at me and smiled. I bent down and kissed her forhead. We watched Finding Nemo and Toy Story Two. Some where in the airport scene of toy story she fell asleep. She looked so calm and happy laying in my lap. I bent down and Kissed her nose. She lazily opened her eyes.

"Hello beautiful." i said softly. She smiled. Then started to get up.

"Liam?" she said as she streched "Can we go see Wreck It Ralph? I know its little kidish but i love little kid movies." she was still grogy for her nap.

"Of course, love" I replied."Go grab your coat! Lets go right now!" I was excited i had been wanting to see it too. She just stood in front of me still though looking at the ground.

"I dont have a coat." she said sadly.

"Its ok. You can use mine until we get u one." She smiled up at me making my heart skip a beat.

"Can we walk its so pretty outside and its snowing!!!" she beamed at me. How could i say no? I tossed her a coat and slipped one on for myself and we walked out the door.

~~~Authors note!~~~

Hiya i am Dani! I hope u like my fanfic! Sorry its kinda going slow but i hate rushed relationships, but it will be coming! If anyone has an instagram they want me to follow just put in the comments! Same if u have a fanfic u want people to read i love reading them!! I will see maybe if i can update again maybe later i f anyone cares. Thanks for reading beauties! ;*


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