Only by Chance

Delihla has had a tough life and when her only friend moved to America for school things got worse. When her boyfriends cheats on her she has no where to go. but somebody finally takes her and shows her how to love. Sorry I suck at bios so...please just read and see what you think.


12. Fly Time

~~~Liam's Pov~~~

The snow flew off windshield as we drove through the airport's parking lot. Dee had her phone plugged in to the car and was blaring the Script as I parked the car. I hopped out of the car and openned up her door for her. She jumped out, literally. She skipped to the back of the car and violently swung open the trunk.

"Hey! Watch it!" I cried as it narrowly missed my hair. She grabbed my head and kissed the top.

"Sorry! I am just so excited!! I have never even been on a plane before!" she squealed and jumped up and down and running around me messing up my hair. "WOOOO" I promise you this girl would have kicked butt for high jump. I laughed and grabbed the bags out of the back of the car. We walked in and and went through all the stuff we needed to do. When we got to the part where you have to walk through the big arch thing Dee was pretty freaked out.

"Liam, what the heck are those?!" she whispered violently.

"Its ok, love, just walk under them! They wanna make sure you don't have a bomb!" I gave her a reasuring smile. I nudged her forward under them.

"Poeple are going to try and bomb us?!" she said frantically. Her eyes basically popping out her head.

"No! Its just a precaution!" I calmed her down and rubbed her back and we walked to our terminal. She was still pretty tense. When we boarded Dee pulled me over to side before we could go in.

"Liam! Look over there!!!" she motion to a lady making faces at her giggling baby. Awww! "I think the baby is a bomb!" I slung her over my shoulder and walked on to the plane. People were staring. What they have never seen anyone carrying someone before?! I just politly smiled to the flight attendant and stepped on board. I set her down in the window seat and sat next to her. She dug her nails into my shoulder.

"Chill, Dee! Its ok! I have flown plenty of times!"

"And your really weird! Thats why you do it!"

"Just listen to your music and sleep its a short flight! I will wake you up when we get there." I kissed her soft lips gently and she plugged in her ear buds and snuggled into my shoulder. I heard her breathing even out and her body relaxed from her tense position. I ended up falling asleep too. I felt a nudge on my shoulder. I saw a young pair big brown eyes look at me as I awakened. Her dark brown hair was plaited on the sides. I smiled at the young girl she seemed about six. "Hi sweetie! Can I help you?"

"Are you Liam Payne from One Direction?" the little girl shyly asked. I nodden grining as shock and happiness spread across her face. "Mama it is him! I told you!" she shouted over to her mom. "I will be right back!" she excitedly squealed.

"Alright I will be right here!" I said winking at small child. She ran down the aisle to her mum smiling ear to ear.

"Found a friend have we?" I heard from behind me. I twisted in my seat so I was looking at Dee.

"She found me! She woke me up!" We were interupted when Dee pointed behind me. The little girl was back with her mum's phone.

"Can I have a picture please?" She said politely.

"Of course, sweety! Whats you name?"


"I will take the picture!" Dee excitedly exclaimed from next to me. She is always excited. I brought the little girl on to my lap and she handed Dee the camera. "SMILE!" Dee shouted from behind the camera. She was grinning from ear to ear. Ariana was giggling from Dee's excitment. She snapped the photo. "Perfect! You look beautiful, Ariana!" Ariana smiled and played with the tips of her hair.

Ariana leaned over to my ear and whispered in my ear, "Who is that?"

"Thats Delihla!" I smiled at her shyness towards Dee.

"Is she your girlfriend?" I nodded. "She's funny.....and pretty." She whispered in my ear the hiding her face in my shirt.

"I know!" I whispered to her. Dee giggled next to me.

"Here sweety!" Dee said handing back the phone. "Here Liam sign something for her!" She shoved a Sharpie towards me. Where does she get these things?! Ariana giggled and took off her jacket exposing her One Direction shirt. She blushed. She turned her back and I signed on her shoulder blade.

"I love your shirt!" Dee said. "I need to get me one too!"

"Thank you." Ariana said quietly. The the seat belt lights came on and the flight attendant's voice came on over the speakers.

"Alright, sweetie, you gotta go back with you mum now ok?" I gently explained.

"Ok." Ariana slipped of my lap. Then she leaned over and kissed my cheek then ran back to her mum with a huge toothy grin. You could hear her loudly explaining what had just happened. I loved being able to make happy like that. Its the best part of what I do.

"She was so cute!" Dee squealed.

"Looks like someones happier!"

"Well I figured there is no turning back now so why worry?" I shook my head smiling at her. "So is someone picking us up?"

"Yeah, Niall got his license so he said he could pick us up."

"Ahh! The infamous Niall Horan!!" she giggled. They landed the plane and we went to go get our lugage. We waved back at Ariana before we left to find Niall. We were looking in the food areas when some one jumped on my back. And Dee was right next to me.

"Dee I found him!" I laughed as Niall got off my back.

"Hey! Long time no see!" The short synthetic blonde came around and hugged me. "And who is this lovely lady?" he said looking at Dee.

"I am Delihla! But you can call me Dee!" She tackled Niall in a hug. He seemed confused at first but then he hugged back. Dee let go and came back over to my side lacing our fingers togather.

"Yup thats Dee. Shes my girlfriend." Niall grinned. He winked at me.

"Good choice! C'mon let go meet up with the rest of the lads!" Niall spun around and lead us to his car.


Sorry its been awile but I rewrote this chapter like fifty times! I am also writing a harry one! so please read that one!! Its called Just Listen. Thanks a bunch for reading and yeah. ByEEEE

Love, Dani


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