Only by Chance

Delihla has had a tough life and when her only friend moved to America for school things got worse. When her boyfriends cheats on her she has no where to go. but somebody finally takes her and shows her how to love. Sorry I suck at bios so...please just read and see what you think.


8. All My Heart

Liam's Pov.

When I opened my eyes the next morning I saw Delihla sitting on my stomach and chewing on some chocolate chip waffles. She didn't notice i woke up. She was just casually sitting on me watching SpongeBob and giggleing. I snatched one out of her hand.

"Are these even cooked?" I asked throwing it back at her.

She grinned with her mouth full of waffles. "Dont knock it til u try it" Then she winked at me. I laughed. I then put my arms underneath her and picked her up while i stood up. Then i carried her to the kitchen and set her down. She swallowed her waffle. "Was there a point to that?" she asked as she smiled at me and open the fridge to get some milk.

"Abosolutly no point." she giggled at that. Her laugh was so perfect! I grabbed some breakfast. "So what are we going to do today?" i asked with my mouth full of a bagel.

"I dont know whatever we feel like I guess! We have to decorate the tree still! Wanna do that?" I nodded my head we would have to get some ornaments and lights but thats easy. After i finished we both went and got dressed. I tossed her a coat like I always did when we go some where. We decided to go on foot since the store was just a short walk through the park. And then we set out on our adventure for the day. We stepped into the elevator and press the buttons to go down to the lobby. And like always the elevator began to go down but once we neared the tenth floor it shook to a stop and the lights shut off only leaving on a dim battery powered light on. "Whats going on?" Delihla whispered and leaning into me scared.

"I am not sure but..." I said pulling out my phone, "But i dont have signal. I guess we are stuck until they fix it." I noticed a tear streaming down her cheek. "Hey dont worry everything is gonna be alright!" I pulled her into my arms and held her. Then we sat on the ground of the elevator and she leaned her head on my shoulder.

"Liam, last night, did you mean that kiss?" she asked with the tears still streaming down her face. I lifted her head to look me in the eyes. Then i kissed her soft lips and leaned our foreheads togather. She closed her eyes and seemed to absorb the moment and lock it away forever.

"With all my heart." i whispered to her and kissed the tears off her perfect cheeks. Then she opened her eyes and kissed my lips passionatly and gentle. She smiled into the kiss before leaning her forehead agaist mine again. We rubbed our noses togather and then i kissed hers.

"Me, too." She whispered and she sunggled into my chest as i kissed the top of her head.


I loved this chapter! I know it was short but it was short and sweet! Writing this is like dreaming through words! thanks for all the reads! u can find me on instagram on @i_wanna_be_a_cupcake or just leave me ur instagram in the comments and i will follow u! thanks so much for reading! Comment what u think!

Love, Dani .x

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