Your Song

The story, "Your Song" illustrates about a 17 year old girl, named Ellie Harries struggling to heal her cuts from her past problems. She moves to quiet place in the UK; Cheshire. There Ellie meets a curly-haired boy named Harry Styles and a lovely boy named Liam too. They are in a British/Irish boyband named 'One Direction'. Ellie then finds, her past crawling back into her new better life.


5. Time for school

ELLIE's POV; I wake up by the voice of Micheal Buble's powerful voice on his Chirstmas album. "Ellie! Come down now! Your gonna be late on your first day!" my mom shouts near the stairs. I roll out bed- literally. I land on my hard floor, tangled up in my comforters and blankets. I slowly stand up and ready for school. HARRY's POV; The boys and I are just waiting in Simon's house in the living room, appearently he wants to speak with us. We see him coming down his stairs, we all walk towards him and greet him. "How are you all doing boys?" Simon asks us. "Good, how bout you?" Liam asks him, "I don't know Liam and Harry, what do you think?" he asks directly to us. When he mentioned my name, I froze. He stands and slams a couple of newspapers and magazines on his coffee table hard. We all kind of jumped. "Damn.." Niall whispered to himself. NIALL's POV; They are in a load of trouble. This doesn't seem like what Liam would do, it has Harrys name written all over this. And why the heck did they go in some girl's house! "Was she cute?" i lean over Liam but he just pushes me to bounce off Louis. "Boys, you know how much trouble you got the band and that innocent young girl in? Now we have to think of an excuse for her." Uncle Simon explains to them. Liam looks a bit worried, he has never been scolded by Simon. "Just say that she is Harry's new girlfriend." Zayn says smirking but yet calm. I look over at Liam, his eyes widen and astonished. Simon looks like he is actually going to go with this, WHY? This is going to be a horrible situation. I look to Liam, he actually seems jealous. Im so lost.. ELLIE's POV; I lock my front door and head out walking to school. I wore a big sweater that hid my cuts, I didn't want make a bad first impression. While walking, I feel like im being watched; or even followed. I walk faster, and suddenly a body appears in front of me. I scream my head off and start hitting the person with my backpack. "OUCH! Jesus christ Ellie!" a lovely accent says. I open one eye and realize I've been hitting Harry. "Oh shoot, sorry Harry!" I apoligized and help him off the ground. "Wait, what are you doing? Aren't people going to see you off the streets?" I questioned him. "Eh, No." he says smiling. We walk all the way to my school while talking and laughing. The bell rings and I run off. I look back and wave good-bye to Harry. He waves back and walks away. I realized he didn't answer why he was walking with me, I shrug and run off to my class. LIAM's POV; I can't believe Harry is pretending to be Ellie's boyfriend. Doesn't he know that ONE DAY she will find out and that will just tear her apart. Wait. What am I saying? I just met this girl two days ago? But she is just so stunnin- the noise of my phone ringing interuppted my thoughts. It was from Harry, i just let it go to voicemail. I didn't feel like talking to anyone, Simon yelling at me was a reality change. The doorbell rings downstairs, I run down and look through the peep hole. I see a big emerald-colored eye. I chuckle and open up the door. "Aye!" Niall flahses his face halfway and waves his hand happily. I guess he notices I am a bit disappointed, "What's wrong Li?" he asked being careful. I just told him nothing and we both went upstairs to my room and play some video games. ZAYN's POV; I'm on my way to Perrie's house until I see a curly-haired boy on the street walking. I slow down and roll down my window. "What are you doing Zayn?" Harry said curiously. "Going to Perrie's. Where are you headin'?" I ask him. He shrugs and continues to walk. "Do you want to come?" I call out. I'm guessing thats a yes because he walks over to the passenger seat and smiles. We are now at Perries, we both greet the parents, "Is Perrie home?" I ask. "Yea, she's upstairs." Her dad points to the stairs. When we were upstairs, we found Perrie watching t.v. I walked over to her and plopped down next to her. "Whatcha' watching?" Harry asks. "You." She responds looking at Harry.

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