Your Song

The story, "Your Song" illustrates about a 17 year old girl, named Ellie Harries struggling to heal her cuts from her past problems. She moves to quiet place in the UK; Cheshire. There Ellie meets a curly-haired boy named Harry Styles and a lovely boy named Liam too. They are in a British/Irish boyband named 'One Direction'. Ellie then finds, her past crawling back into her new better life.


4. Over Night

ELLIE's POV; "BEEP. BEEP. BEEP." The popcorn must be ready. I turn off the television and throw the remote on the cushion of the couch. Before going over to the microwave I run upstairs to my bedroom and peep out the window to see who is out there. I see people with big, black cameras, insane fangirls, and news reporters with a bit too much make-up. I scrurry back downstairs, I push the 'OPEN' button on the microwave. The door pops open and I get the snack out, and put it down on the kitchen counter. I hear loud knocks on the window pane. It was Harry and Liam. I go over to the sliding door and pull the door aside to let the boys inside.

         "Hey Ellie, could we stay a bit longer? I think those girls might camp out on Harry's lawn the whole night." Liam asks me. I reply with a nod and both boys head toward the couch to watch some television. I guess I didn't change the channel after I saw Harry's house and mine on, because I see Harry slightly shaking and scratching his head; while I pour the popcorn into a bowl. He looks a bit disappointed by all the chaos. I hand them the bowl of popcorn, also get a glass of water for myself, and head upstairs to finish unpacking the boxes in my room.




LIAM's POV; Stupid rumors. I grab the remote out of Harry's hand; he gives me a furious look but I still change it to a re-run of "FRIENDS". We love this show, I hope this takes things off of Harry's mind. Ross Geller tells a really funny joke, and I see Harry laugh really hard; I am glad its all cool now.

      "Hey, Liam we are almost done with the popcorn.." Harry tells me. "Um, ok. I'll go pop some more then." I tell him and stand up to find where the popcorn bags are. It seems like I have looked through every drawer in the kitchen: No popcorn.

      "Hey, mate. Idea- ask Ellie!" Harry remarks while he lazily just relaxes and channel surfing. I go upstairs up to her room, and knock on the door.



ELLIE's POV; I go into my room and look around and see a pile of boxes stacked near my closet door. I walk over to them and there is one slightly open and I see my old yearbook. I set my glass of water on my desk near my bed and, bend down and open the box more to get a hold of the yearbook.

       I walk over to my bed, I sling the junk on my bed off to the floor and sit on my bed. I open the book to a random page; the page I opened up to was the few pages that your friends sign their autograph. I only had one signature, I guessed I didn't ask anyone to sign mine. I sigh and flip to the next and a folded piece of paper falls out and lands on my bedroom floor. I go down and pick it up and reveal what's inside. 

       When I open the paper, it was a picture with two girls. My friend Audrey and myself. I wonder how she is back in America or if she made new friends. Nobody really accepted her or knew she existed because she is quiet as a rock. I miss her so much! I start smiling and shed a tear. 

      I hear knocking on my door, "Who is it?" I say. "It's Liam." the voice says. "One minute! Hold on!!" I quickly lay the picture on my desk, and run to the door. Off guard, I hit my hip on the corner of my desk close to my bed and I fall down on the floor. I think I hit my hip too hard because my glass falls onto my picture and spills all over it. I stand up holding my hip and grab a shirt on the floor and trying to wipe the water off the picture. It starts to smear and I start to panic. 




      LIAM's POV; I wait patiently and then I hear a big "Thud!". I start to get worried. Then, I hear cursing and crying. I get really worried, and I instantly open the door without saying a word. I see Ellie with her eyes widen, and she breathes really heavy. Her eyes seems like they've been crying, I walk over to her and see whats going on. I really don't the whole story because she was crying when she was telling it to me. It was really hard to comprehend. 

     I hug her, she hugs back.

     Ellie quickly lets go and turns to the window. She looks out, "Hey, the people are gone now." she announces. I walk over to her and look out too, Mhm, they are gone. That was quick. We both walk downstairs to get Harry. 

    "So? Where is it?" asks Harry. "Where is what?" Ellie questions turning to me. "Oh, He just wanted more popcorn but we should be going now." I reply to both of them. Harry gets up and heads over to us. We all say our goodbyes, again.

    Harry and I arrived at his house and his mom is already back. We rush back in to tell her what had happened. 

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