Your Song

The story, "Your Song" illustrates about a 17 year old girl, named Ellie Harries struggling to heal her cuts from her past problems. She moves to quiet place in the UK; Cheshire. There Ellie meets a curly-haired boy named Harry Styles and a lovely boy named Liam too. They are in a British/Irish boyband named 'One Direction'. Ellie then finds, her past crawling back into her new better life.


2. Meet your new neighbors


ELLIE's POV; I carry out boxes from our old house to our new house in Cheshire. I place them in my new room, I smile becuase everything felt that it was being lifted into a whole better path. I look around and walk toward my open window and look out; Cheshire is a lovely place. I shift a piece of my hair behind my ear, and imagine what kind of people live here, what tragic things or happy things occur here. I close my eyes and breathe in the chilly air..


HARRY's POV; "Hey Mum!" I smile and hug her. Liam follows behind me gretting my mom. "We are just gonna hang out in my room!" I say to her while Liam and I are walking upstairs. "Boys! I made some pasta for our new neighbors- The Harries. Do you boys mind dropping them off while I have lunch with my friend?" Anne says. (Harry's mom) "Ugh! Fine.." I says under my breath. "Thanks! Hun! Be back at 5 sharp!" she replies and walks out the door, and turns on the car and drives out the driveway. "Hey mate, lets go drop off the pasta already and come back." Liam says. "Good idea. C'mon!" I say waving my hand to go now. We both walk toward the door, Liam opens it for me and we head out. 


ELLIE's POV; I hear the bell ring from downstairs and I hear my mother open the door. I hear familiar voices enter. "Hello, my mum made some pasta for you guys." A voice said. "Oh, how sweet! Here lemme take that!" my mom said grabbing the food from him. "Do you want anything to eat or drink boys?" "No thanks, uhm may I use the bathroom Mrs.Harries?" Liam asked. I came downstairs quietly trying to make people not notice me. "OH! Ellie, can you show-" My mom said while looking at Liam to give her his name. "-LIAM! The bathroom hun?" "Yea..Sure.." I replied. "Hello, I'm Liam." he smiles at me and puts out his hand. I go on and shake his hand, his smile fades away..


LIAM's POV; When she takes my hand I stare at her eyes, her warm brown eyes; they remind me of Danielle. I immediately take my hand away and she leads upstairs. What a wonderful new house they have, it all seems welcoming except from all the moving boxes in their hallway. I wonder why they moved to Cheshire.. We soon catch up near the bathroom, "Ok, go down there and turn left. Then there ya' go!" Ellie tells me. I go ahead and walk down the hall and she enters her room without closing her door.




HARRY's POV; (downstairs) "So, Harry how old are you?" Ellie's mum asked me while I am sitting on the high-chair near the counter. "Oh, I am currently 18 years old." I replied. "GOD. What is taking Liam so damn long?" I thought in my head. Gosh. you can almost feel the awkwardness.

     "Mrs.Harries where is Ellie going to school?" I asked her. "Oh, just around here." she tells with a false smile. Ellie's mum phone rings and she gives me a gesture to hold on. I look around a bit, and I decide to check out whats upstairs. Its a cool home, I soon hear piano playing from Ellie's room. 




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