Your Song

The story, "Your Song" illustrates about a 17 year old girl, named Ellie Harries struggling to heal her cuts from her past problems. She moves to quiet place in the UK; Cheshire. There Ellie meets a curly-haired boy named Harry Styles and a lovely boy named Liam too. They are in a British/Irish boyband named 'One Direction'. Ellie then finds, her past crawling back into her new better life.


1. Flashback

4 months ago. . . .
I slowly drag my back down my bathroom wall, with my vision so blurred out from tears. I see the blood gradually coming out of my left wrist. I bite my lip, and put my head up and look at the ceiling.
"Bzzz! Bzzzz!" my phone vibrates on my bathroom floor. I look who texted me, it was a girl named Jasmine, "Why are YOU still alive?!?" I drop the phone and cry and cry and cry. I slowly stand up and walk out my bathroom, and into my hallway.
While I drift in the hall, I pass down my family pictures hanging on my wall. I immediately stop when I reach a picture of my sister, Annabelle. She is married now and pregnant with a girl. I thought to myself how she is so beautiful, smart, and responsible that she is happy. I want that- Happiness. My eyes open wide, I breathe heavily.. I am not shocked, nor scared, but alone. -ALONE.
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