Your Song

The story, "Your Song" illustrates about a 17 year old girl, named Ellie Harries struggling to heal her cuts from her past problems. She moves to quiet place in the UK; Cheshire. There Ellie meets a curly-haired boy named Harry Styles and a lovely boy named Liam too. They are in a British/Irish boyband named 'One Direction'. Ellie then finds, her past crawling back into her new better life.


3. Elvis Presley


HARRY's POV; While I walk up to Ellie's room, I notice she's playing an Elvis' song; "Always on my mind". Hey, she's actually pretty good. I lay my back against the door with my arms crossed over my chest listening to her.  

LIAM's POV; I get a phone call while I was about to open the bathroom door. Its from Niall.                   Mm, What does he want?                                                                                                                              "Aye! How goes it Liam?"                                                                                                                        

"Good. How 'bout you mate?"                                                                                                                                      

"Simon emailed me that we have a gig coming up in a few months."                                                                        

 "SICK! Where?"                                                                                                                                              

"Erm, Melbourne,Australia!"                                                                                                                                

 "Thats pretty cool! Where are you now?"                                                                                                          

"Oh, Right now im shopping in London. Ya' know doing early Christmas shopping!"                                  

"Ok, I have to go now! I'll talk to you later Niall!"                                                                          

*HANGS UP*      I put my phone in my back pocket, and turn the door knob.  


ELLIE's POV; Does Harry think I am some dumb girl, I know hes behind me. I swing myself to look back, and see Harry smirking at me and clapping.                                                                            

"Harry, you can come in ya' know?"                                                                                  

"You are really good in playing that song. I idolize Elvis." He says while walking to sit next to me on the piano chair.

"Huh. You can tell I was playing Elvis? Thats pretty cool." I say while smiling.                            

"Yea.. So, uhm how are you going to decorate your new room?" He asks me while he takes a good look around my room.

I stand up and say while I wave my hands around my room, "Well, I might have the wall painted a light blue, and put like Christmas lights around my wall."                                                                                      

 "That, it going to look really beautiful Ellie." he tells me.  



LIAM's POV; I hear Harry and Ellie talking, I wonder what about. "Hey, Harry. I think we should go back now." I tell him. "Oh, um right. Well nice chattin' with you Ellie." Harry says waving at her. I wave goodbye and she waves back. She follows us downstairs and opens the door for us. And we both walk out back to Harry's house.

Shit. Paparazzi is outside Harold's house. What the heck are they doing there?  

"C'mon Liam! We'll hope over back Ellie's gate." Harry spits out to me quietly. He runs off Ellie's porch and hops over her gate that leads to the backyard. I dash right behind him, being as low as I can be. I have trouble getting over the gate, its a bit too high for me but not for Harry; he is actually the tallest one out of us 5. Harry gets a hold off my hands and pulls me over making me to land on my stomach. 


HARRY's POV; I was laughing my ass off when Liam hit the ground like a pancake. The thing was that when Liam fell, I laughed a bit too loud and I hope that the paparazzi didn't notice us. We would be in major trouble; imagine what the headline would be, "Harry Styles and Liam Payne Sneaks into Girl's House!" 

Simon would kill us. Then me again. 



ELLIE's POV; I sit on my kitchen counter kicking my feet on the drawers during my popcorn pops in the microwave. It is still about 2 more minutes, I'll just go watch t.v.

     I hop off and plop down on my couch in the living room. I reach for the remote and turn the "ON" button. The first show that came up was Jersey-Shore; NO THANKS. I keep channel surfing until I see my house on the news. "What the heck?" I squint my eyes closer just to make sure. 

     OH MY GOD. 


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