7th grader life

I hate being a 7th grader.


6. Volleyball

I hate Volleyball. Well, I love it, I just hate the coach. And all the teachers. Volleyballs going to end soon, and I haven't even play'd one game. Why? First, I got my tonsils out and missed a lot of practices, and second its because I'm on the fail one list. I'm failing science, or is it social study's? Anyways, it going to end this month, and I haven't even play'd once. I am pissed.

On the bright side, Christmas is coming! WOOH! I love Christmas. I love getting all the presents and watching everyone's face when they open up their presents. I don't really like decorating though. I like how it looks, I just don't like putting it all up. Yes, I am lazy. Don't judge, its my personality. 

My little sister, who is 9, still believes in Santa Clause. So we still have to bake cookies and leave milk out for my dad, who prefers beer. I love to cook. Its fun to do and some people think its easy, well its not. You have to have the exact amount of the ingredients and temperature out it will end up looking like crap. If one ingredient is a little over, its okay, but not to much. 

I like to cook because I like to control something. If its the kitchen, so be it! I also love to make messes, but not cleaning them up...Do you like cooking? 

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