7th grader life

I hate being a 7th grader.


5. Play

I am so happy right now. Why? Because I'm in the school play! I don't have a big part, but at least I'm in it. I'm just a back up dancer. I still think that I'm not that good of a singer, but other people tell me otherwise. I don't believe them. I do like to sing, I just sing out loud no matter where I am. Some times I sing while I'm in the bathroom... Don't tell anyone... I will find you, and I will go all bitchy on you if you tell anyone...

The play is called Oklahoma! Its very interesting. I was listening to the CD and this girl named Ado Annie, her voice sound sooo weird. I burst out laughing when I heard it, its good but funny. I'm kinda mad at this guy whose in the play. His name is Nate. I'm mad because he is only in 7th grade, and he has a main part. A 7th grader shouldn't have the part that he has. He had a main part last year too.

I am happy for some of my friends that got a bigger part, some of them deserve it (You know who you are...). A lot of my friends are back up dancers too, though. At least I'm not the only back up dancer! I just can't wait until we go on stage! Excited! 

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