7th grader life

I hate being a 7th grader.


3. Other days

The other days, weren't so well. The teachers showed there true colors, black. There is only two teachers I actually like: Mrs. Prince (Math Teacher) and Mrs. Jarvis ( English Teacher). And its kinda weird that I like my math teacher. I always thought I hated math. But turns out that I hated my math teacher, Mr. Thorton. Freaking hate him, the good thing is, I only have him in a study hall and he's pretty much doing other stuff. I see him in the halls to, but I never say anything. 

The teachers I don't really care about are: Mrs. Forrest (Social Studies) and Mr. Drake (Art). I know there is at least one person on this site that might like Mrs. Forrest,  well good. You should like, but I don't. When ever I said the right answer, she completely ignored me. I like her sometimes, but not all the time. Mr. Drake yells way to much, and over the stupidest things. I love art, but I hate to do projects on a time period. My mom says its an artist thing, I guess. I like art, but I'm not good at it. You should see my little sisters drawings. She is obsessed with my little pony, her drawings look exactly like them.

I might as well change the name to Complaining. Don't worry It wont last to long.

Okay, now lets get to the teachers I hate. There is pretty much only one: Mr. Camp (Science Teacher). I hate him, I hate him, I hate him! I actually tried to drop the class because I hate him so much. He is a total doush. Ever since I found out he is a total doush, I became a total bitch to him. I really wish I could drop the class, but no. You have to take! Its funny because he actually told me to go drop the class. I hate him more than I hate Mr. Thorton. Its one of those times where you hate the subject and hate the teacher. Why do I hate science? To hard for me to understand. Yes, I am completely stupid. You know I actually tried to cut myself? I did for like a day or two, I quit because I thought it was stupid. How the hell is it going to help you? All it does is gives you scars.

So after I quit that, I decided to do something that would make me happy and I won't feel stupid. So one of my friends showed me to this site, and even though I don't have that many people reading my books, I enjoy it. Its fun, I can get all the ideas that I have in my head all out. I used to think all the ideas in my head were stupid, but once I wrote them down, people started reading and liked it. I felt happy! You may think this book is stupid, but hey. I like, so go hump a block with nails in it if you don't like it.

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