7th grader life

I hate being a 7th grader.


4. Kids

Now lets talk about students. I have a lot of friends, most of them are girls. I have a few guy friends, but they think I'm weird. I don't really talk to them that much, there just their. I have few people I don't like, in my grade anyways. There are three guys I don't like: Owen, Nate, and Kaleb. Owen and Kaleb fart way too much, and are total jerks. Nate is just a smart ass. Thinks he knows everything. I know someone reading this will totally agree with me (You know who you are).

There are two girls I don't like: Rebecca, and Mya. I am kinda friends with Mya, but she can be a total brat. She always thinks that everyone hates her. If she keeps saying that everyone will hate her. Rebecca I just don't like. Most people don't like her because she is very...big. I just don't really care if she's big or not. I have a lot of friends that are big. I don't like her because when ever she is a total brat. When ever a teacher is around, she acts like a little angle and has that annoying high voice. When she first came here, she took a sharpened pencil and stabbed it in a guys arm and it started bleeding. And guess what...We had to write an apology letter to her, even the guy that got stabbed! She hit me with a ice pack (apparently her arm hurt, all because she fell on the floor and she didn't even hit her elbow!!) And I kicked her, and I got in trouble!

It was really funny when I kicked her, it was like throwing a water balloon in slow motion!! And apparently she took a pencil and cut it down her arm, and blamed it on a girl named Tanisha. She's one of my friends. I really want to punch her in the face next time she acts like a bitch. Should I? I know I'll probably get suspended, but I really don't care. 

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