7th grader life

I hate being a 7th grader.


2. First Day

I didn't really go to school on the first day. I was still on vacation. Went out Massachusetts. We were coming back from mass. on the first day of school. I didn't know if I missed school, or forgot how much it sucks. All of my teachers seemed nice the first day. I had fun, met all my friends, didn't talk to any of the people I didn't like, and was nice I guess. 

Lunch now is stupid. Giving us only like 600 hundred calories or something? That's not enough for a child to grow! Most of the food there is disgusting anyways. There is only two or three things I do like: Taco Salad, Chicken Nuggets and Mozzarella Sticks, and Fish Sand witch. They do give you snacks to by, but its way to much and they don't give you enough chips in a bag. Forgive me for complaining, but you gotta admit, not enough food. I am fat and all, but hey, a kid gotta eat. 

Science the first day was okay. The teachers seemed nice. All the teachers seemed nice that day, they always do. I went home and told everyone who asked how my day went, that it was great. Except, I had a lot of homework. Thank god I have block periods so I have another day to do it. If you think I am complaining to much, you are probably right. I am a complainer. Don't judge, just the way I am. Wait until you hear about the other days.

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