7th grader life

I hate being a 7th grader.


1. Beginging

Hi, my name is Hannah. I am a 7th grader (you can probably tell by the name of the book).  I freaking hate 7th grade. Why? There are a lot of reasons. Students, teachers, homework, teachers, did I say teachers twice? Its just that, middle school isn't a happy time. Not a lot of people are nice. I'm not saying I'm a nice person, I am definitely not a nice person. But I can be at times. I am nicer than some of the other kids. 

I wasn't really ever nice. I was always a bratty kid. Even when we used to go to church. That's probably why non of the other kids played with me. I live in a town called DeRuyter. Its a very boring town. Nothing really happens. Even though, apparently, there is a child molester running around the streets. Nothing really happens though. I didn't always go to the school in DeRuyter. I went to a christian school. It was okay I guess. I went there up until 1st grade. Then home schooled in second grade. Then I started going to that school in 3rd grade. I wasn't used to all of the kids. I was used to six kindergartners and six 1st graders in one class. Yes it was a small school.

I cried a lot. They were mean kids. But I got used to them and I guess I became mean too. It wasn't until 6th grade, when I turned rude. I swore like there was no tomorrow and talked back to all of the teachers. I had a lot of friends then. They are still my friends, but I also have other friends. I went to ISS ( In School Suspension). A white small room where all the bad kids went. I went there pretty much everyday, by the same teacher. His name was Mr. Thorton. I hated him. I freaking hated him. I was always rude to him. All my friends hated him, but not as much as I did.

He was rude, disgusting, always picked on us, making faces, and so judgmental. That's why I am thankful for not having him in 7th grade, that's one good thing about it. So, this book will probably be a long book, like from now to the end of the school year. If you don't like long books, then don't read it. If you like 7th grade, then don't read it. If you like your teachers ( god only knows why), then don't read it. But if you do wanna read it, then sit back and in joy the show.


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