A Different Kind

Yup this is a Twilight love story. Its based in Eclipse. but its not just about some girl falling for someone..well that happens in the story..but she also finds her family and she meets a few vampires and shapeshifters along the way.. She will even be a target for a certained red headed vampire in this story, but will her friend who she happens to love, be there to save her? Read to find out! And enjoy;)


5. the orphanage

      As I slip forward I let out a little scream for it only to be cut off as I land on my stomach on the log.

I was halfway on the water, I was clutching onto the log trying not to be takin away by the water. It took me awhile to figure out what happened, forgetting about Fred I started shimming down the log. When all the sudden I felt a thud on the log, then another one, and another one.

I turned my head to look, and I saw Fred moving the log out of place. I started to move faster, but only to feel the log give way. Then I was floating down the river, I quickly got off the log and tried swimming against the current. I was being swept away when I saw a vine, and quickly grabbed it.

Luckly it was attached to the island and it could handle me. I pulled up onto the island, and heard someone scream. "NO!!!" Fred yelled. He picked up more rocks and began throwing them. I got up and ran to the stepping stones. Luckily they where a lot easier to cross. Not even turn back to look, I walked into the woods.

I walked about 3 miles soaking wet. When I got to town I changed in the driest cloths I had and caught a taxi. It was a 1 hour drive to Nashville, I gave the taxi drive I nice tip and thanked him. He drove away and I turned to look at my only safe house here.

The Orphanage.

I walked up to the doors, knowing the service was closed, Tammi would be there. I walked in to find a woman at the front desk. It was Tammi, as she looked up at the sound of the ringing bell, her face went from smiling to pure shock. " Stormy??!, what happened by are you so pale? Your bleeding oh my god!" she said shocked. Aiming a thousand questions. " what happened?" she asked again. I gave her a look of fear and did something I never did in front of anyone else.  

I cried.


okay so i know this is really crappy but  this was my first story ever and trust me it gets better.


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