A Different Kind

Yup this is a Twilight love story. Its based in Eclipse. but its not just about some girl falling for someone..well that happens in the story..but she also finds her family and she meets a few vampires and shapeshifters along the way.. She will even be a target for a certained red headed vampire in this story, but will her friend who she happens to love, be there to save her? Read to find out! And enjoy;)


3. the coast is clear

I stood waiting for awhile to make sure I wasn't being followed. I wasn't so I climbed up the ladder to the upper level of the barn. I sat in the corner and put my knees up to my chest. For once in along time I actually cried. I wasn't crying from pain or from what just happened, I cried because I was sick and tired of being beat and treated like crap by people that never took the time to get to know me.

I cried for a good 15 minutes, then I got up and looked out the window if the barn, the truck was gone. I thought for long time while I stared at the empty house. Tonight, tonight will be the night I will run away from this hell hole. I had a rush of excitement, I've never actually ran away from a family before. I couldn't if I did I would get sent to juvie, not something I really wanted. I could only leave if I was being beaten and usually after I was beaten I was to scared to leave.

I climbed down the ladder and ran back to the house. I reached the door, which was unlocked. "wow." I muttered to myself. " to freaking drunk to lock your own door." I walked to the kitchen and looked at the cock on the wall. " wow it only 8:13?" They wouldn't be home till like freaking 2:30! Lucky me. I thought to myself. Hmm well if im not gonna see them for ever again might as well make myself usefull.

I ran to the fridge and opened it I looked and saw all the stuff I wasn't allowed to eat. "yumm!" I exclaimed looking at a bag of marinating steak. Dinner was all I thought taking it out. I ran to the pantry and took out the sack of potatoes, then picked out the biggest potato. I turned on the oven and stuck it in. Then I ran outside and turned I the BBQ. I put the steaks on and cooked. After about 15minutes everything was cooked and I was eating out on the patio. It was soo good, I thought I was dreaming

After I finished I ran up stairs and started packing my stuff. I looked at the clock and it read 10:27pm. Hmm lots of time I thought. I went in to the bathroom and put all my stuff in my back pack cause my dufflebag was full if cloths and personal items. I looked outside, no one there. So i quickly took a shower.

I put my cloths back on but stuffed my sweats In the bag, it was hot today. I went back in my room to make sure I packed everything. After I was all packed I looked at the clock, only 12:36. I sat on the couch and turned on the tv. I double checked I had everything mentally. I was playing with my fingers and realized that my ring was missing from my index finger. I was about to get up when the door slammed open.

And there was Lisa standing in the door way.

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