A Different Kind

Yup this is a Twilight love story. Its based in Eclipse. but its not just about some girl falling for someone..well that happens in the story..but she also finds her family and she meets a few vampires and shapeshifters along the way.. She will even be a target for a certained red headed vampire in this story, but will her friend who she happens to love, be there to save her? Read to find out! And enjoy;)


4. run Stormy run

" what the hell do you think your doing!?" she yelled at me. I could only stare at her in shock. She started walking towards me, I got up and ran up stairs to the bathroom maybe the ring was in there.
I looked around but found nothing I turned to leave, but Lisa was in the doorway.
" you wait till Fred gets home your are sooo dead you little punk! I can't believe you even ate our food!" she screamed at me. She stumbled over to me, trying to swing at me. I dodged it and she was so drunk she feel on her face. I hoDpped over her, and ran into my room.
I put my coat on then my back pack, then I grabbed my dufflebag and put it on my shoulders. I turned to leave out the door, but again Lisa was blocking my way. Then I forgot my ring, I turned to see the small diamond sparkle at me. I turned to grab it off my night stand.   I felt something pull me back and onto the ground. It was Lisa, but luckily I got my ring and quickly put it in my coat pocket and zipped it up, while Lisa was trying to regain her balence for pulling me to the ground. I started to get up and run but she kicked me in the ribs. I gasped, I grabbed her foot while she tried to strike again.
I yanked her leg down and her whole body gave way, and her head hit the corner of my nightstand. She was out, quickly got up and saw headlights from the driveway. " CRAP!!!" I yelled.
I couldn't go down stairs, so I jumped up on my window seal. Then I heard someone groan in pain.
" You can't leave! You can't!, if you don't get away I'll kill you!" it was Lisa. She was trying to get up.
I had to get away I thought to myself. So I jumped, I screamed in the way down. I landed on my feet but they gave way and I fell on my stomach.
"Fred!! Don't let her get away!! " Lisa yelled from the window. He was in his truck with the door open, smoking.
I got up and darted towards the road. I ran down the long drive was fast, I was half way down the driveway when I heard a slam and the roar of the engine coming to life. I ran faster. Then i heard a loud screech, as I reached the mailbox I could see the truck in the middle of the large front yard out if the corner of my eye. I couldnt help but chuckle at the fact he had stalled his truck. I turned right and looked for the path I used to get in and out of town. I heard the truck make a loud screech as it turned onto the road. I ran faster if it was possible.
( its obvious I like to run alot. And im actually good at it!:)
Soon the house was far away, but the truck was gaining up on me. I knew I wasn't going to make it to the path, so I turned right and ran straight into the woods. I heard the truck screech once again, it wouldn't fit through the woods with all the trees. I slowed a bit but kept running. I was dogding the branched when I heard the door of the truck slam. I put my hands up to protect my face and ran faster.
Then I reached the river, I'd crossed it many times before, but the water had raised last time I was here. I was about to look for other places to cross but I heard twigs snapping behind me. I stepped on the log bridge with my left foot, then with my right. I nearly lost my balance, but regained it quickly. I began shuffling across when Fred ran into the opening.   He looked at me and tried to follow but decided not to. Instead he grabbed a big rock and threw it at me. It hit my ankle, I screamed in pain, I couldn't stop so I kept going. Then I saw him pick up another and throw it right at me. It hit me in the thigh and my leg gave way and the next thing I knew I was slipping forward.

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