A Different Kind

Yup this is a Twilight love story. Its based in Eclipse. but its not just about some girl falling for someone..well that happens in the story..but she also finds her family and she meets a few vampires and shapeshifters along the way.. She will even be a target for a certained red headed vampire in this story, but will her friend who she happens to love, be there to save her? Read to find out! And enjoy;)


1. Prologue

It was a stormy night. the roar of Of the wind and the thunder was sometimes louder than the young woman screaming in pain in the small cabin in the woods.

The rain was hit the window sideways the pitter patter was loud and it sometimes would distract the young women. However it would not distract the two young men waiting. The one she loved never left her side holding her hand as she squeezed it in pain. The other trying help his friends get though the pain. Giving the young girl more morphine to stop her physical pain when she burned it off with her unusually warm body temperature. Then to tell her lover not to worry about her she will survive this.

He wish he could just tell his friend the truth. He honestly had no idea weather the girl would survive. But if he told this friend that was so dear to him, he wouldn't want the young coupes last moments together to be sad.

As the friend sat there thinking the girl screamed that Peirced the silent moment . The man looked up and turned to grab some more morphine, but was stopped short when the other man yelled.

"Carlisle!" he said worried. He turned and saw the girl bent backwards in a position that looked painful. She screamed again louder. "Carlisle!!" the man yelled again. "help!" he quickly went to the girls side and helped as much as he could.

It was one of the longest most painful night for the young girl. Perhaps even worse for the young men, having to watch someone is pain horrible thought The friend Carlisle. But watch your lover in pain is unbearable. He could never think of seeing his beloved Emse like this.

Soon after the young girl screamed, she was crying with joy as she listened to new screaming. The screaming of a newborn baby taking it first breath. After all her pain she smiled as she saw her new baby, even the young girls lover had a smile on his face. The friend handed the baby over to the new mother.

"congratulation it's a baby girl" he smiled. The girl took the baby. " she is beautiful!" she cried " she is." the girls lover spoke for the first time. " what will you guys name her?" asked Carlisle. The two young lovers looked at each other. " I want it to be something unique." the girl said sencerly. " something about this day." Carlisle snorted " it's been nothing but a stormy night." the young couple looked at each other again. " that's it." the man said " her name will be Stormy." the girl gasped. The men both made fast movement towards her. " honey.. That's perfect." she beamed up at her lover. "Stormy Pheonix." nobody would aruge with that it was one of the most beautifulest names they have ever heard.

About an hour after deciding the baby's name, and after they cleaned her up and wrapped her in warm blankets, it was silent again. The new mother and baby were both asleep, the man holding the girls hand still. Carlisle was dozing off In his chair, he woke himself up and looked at the young couple.

Then the beautiful baby girl, she had adorable chocolate brown eyes just like her mother. There were freckles that made a little path across her little nose that was just like her fathers, she had beautiful skin that was a couple shades lighter than her mothers and a lot of shades darker than her dads. She had little hair on her head that was a reddish, orangish, Brownish color. They couldn't figure out how she had gotten the beautiful color, let alone what side they thought it came from.

Carlisle was worried about the girl she had gotten worse in the past hour. He was to worried to tell his friend, he didn't know why. He looked at the young couple again, then started started to think of his own family.

His lovely wife and children. They were all teenagers, of course they werent really his kids. All of them where "adopted", he still loved them like his own, his wife too. He realized how much he missed them longing to see them. He tried not to think of his family. Think of other stuff he was soon enturpted.

" Carlisle?" he looked but the see his friend looking at him. " I'm sorry about you having to leave your family to take care of this but your the only one I can trust." he said troubled. " it's okay." he said back to him. " what are brothers for?" of course the two young men weren't really brothers, but there friendship was so deep that they could be.

" yes. You've done so much for me and my new family, that I want you to be Stormys godfather." Carlisle smiled. " of course id love to." the man turned back to his lover an smiled. " thank you." he whispered.

Carlisle silently feel asleep for awhile, to be awaken by fast shuffling. Then he notice a slowing heart beat and he thought it was the baby at first. But he looked over too his friend holding the young girl in his arms, he was crying silently

The girl was looking into his eyes with love, then She started to speak her voice was raspy. " take care of Stormy.. I love you soo much." she spoke she knew what was happening And grasped his hand tighter. " no! Please don't go! You can't leave me and the baby!" he pleaded, but it was to late. The heart beat stopped completely.

It was to late, she couldn't be saved, Carlise wouldnt be able to change her. He knew his friend wouldn't let him. Defeated Carlise put his head in his hands as his best friend sobbed. Soon his friend got up and picked up his dead lover and started to leave. " where are you going?" he stepped in front of his friend. " if she dies I die to.. I will not live with out her." he gave his friend an understanding look and moved aside. " take care of Stormy for me if she couldn't have us in glade it's you." then he stepped out into the night.

    Carlisle took the infant and ran to his house. He never ran a so fast in his life. He walked up to his front door and opened it. He looked to see his family in the front room, they had obviously heard him coming. "Carlisle! Your home!" Esme said going in for a hug. But stopped as soon as she saw the bundle.

"Is that the baby?" she said " but where's Peter? And Marie?" Carlise gave his wife a sad look. She returned it to. "Kids go back to your rooms." she said worried for the baby. They slowly listened to their mother. They sat there quietly for a moment or two. The baby still in Carlisle arms.

Esme called her oldest daughter down, she asked her to take her for awhile. Knowing how much her daughter longed for her own baby, but she would never have one. After the daughter Rosalie took the baby Carlisles wife spoke. "so Marie didn't make?" he shook his head. "so where's Peter?" Carlisle gave his wife a sad look. "he went to the Voultri." was all he could say.

A day past. The family had a meeting. The blonde boy said something "we can't keep her most if us aren't stronge enough to have a human around us." the blonde girl holding the baby growled at him. "Rose!!" Esme and Carlisle both said loudly. She sat back down. Everyone stared at her in shock.

" Rose none of us are ready for this, and I think you even know that." said Emmett. She turned and glared at him. "what? You are supposed to be backing me up!" she yelled at him while everyone else agreed with him. Her father grabbed her shoulder. But he didn't speak.

"Rosalie." said a higher pitched voice. " I've seen it, and our paths will cross again." it was Alicewhi said it. She gave her sister a look if understanding. Then after a long moment Rosalie sighed. " your right." she agreed defeated. She knew she would never win this argument, then handed Esme the baby.

The next day it was decided to send the baby to a orphanage. A place where she could be far away from them and safe. They took her to Hawaii so she would be far away and none of the family would think to go there.

Carlisle the next day dressed in all black and a hoodie. Then he left for Hawaii, after a long travel time he finally made it. He walked inside and all eyes landed on him. Carlisle walked to the front desk, and then shows the women at the front the baby in his arms, she gasped at to beautiful baby.

" I would like the baby to stay here please , it for the best and if you don't mind, don't let anyone change her name. Her name is Stormy Pheonix." was all he said as he handed the women the baby, and left so fas, by the time the lady looked up he was gone.

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