A Different Kind

Yup this is a Twilight love story. Its based in Eclipse. but its not just about some girl falling for someone..well that happens in the story..but she also finds her family and she meets a few vampires and shapeshifters along the way.. She will even be a target for a certained red headed vampire in this story, but will her friend who she happens to love, be there to save her? Read to find out! And enjoy;)


2. In trouble..

The sky was turning orange and I knew I was late. Great if they are home I'm going to get it bad I tought to myself. i was wearing a rosta colored Bob Marley tank top with some jean shorts and my favorite pair of black converse. I reached the property And saw the truck still in the driveway. "crap. This can't be good" I muttered to myself. Maybe I can sneak thru my window. Then they wouldn't have noticed I was gone.

Maybe Fred and Lisa were already drunk. They wouldn't hear me come in. Not wanting to risk it I started climbing the side if the house. I got to the window and climbed thru it halfway. I looked to make sure my door was shut, it was and no one was in my room. I climbed the rest the way thru, unfortunately my foot got caught on the bottom part of the window edge, and I fell flat on my face making a loud thud.

"what was that?" heard someone say down stairs. Crap I thought my life is soo over now. I quickly got up and ran to my dresser, then put on some sweats over my shorts. I grabbed a ponytail holder and put my hair up in a messy bun quickly. I grabbed a book and jumped onto bed and pulled the covers up and opened the book, too make it look like I was reading.

Like on que my door slammed wide open. "I see your back you little whore." she said glaring at me. "I dont know what your talking about." I said simply. I glanced down at my book and heard stomping. I looked up just in time get smacked on the cheek. "don't lie to me Stormy I know you were gone at one or your stupid party's." she said. "your do lucky that Fred is just picking me up to leave." she said. She was already drinking, I could smell the alcohol on her breath mixed with cigarette smoke.

"hmm Fred wont be here for awhile.. To bad he won't be able to help." she said lunging at me with her hand in a fist. My arms went up to my face instinctively, but instead she punched me right in my left side of my rib cage. It hurt so badly, but being abused so much I learned to not scream or cry, that only shows them the satisfaction. She hit me again in the same spot, I gasped I never realized how stronge she was. Maybe cause Fred was the on who alway hurt me.

I jumped off the bed and ran out of the room and down stairs as fast as possible. Then out the back door. I heard Lisa stumble down stairs after me. " don't run from me Stormy! Wait till Fred hears about this!" Her words ment nothing to me ad I ran to the farm. I ran inside the barn and stopped, of course she didn't follow me here, she or Fred never followed me here.

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