They dont know about us


4. Chapter 4

Louis' POV

"Whats going on between you and Harry?" I asked Sammi as I took her into my room, while closing the door behind me.

"We are best friends. Nothing more..." she said.

" are to young to have him as your boyfriend...he is 18 where as you are 13 years old." I stated.

"Thanks Captain Obvious. But since when are you my mum?" she asked.

"Im clearly a guy..." I stated.

"Duh! But my dad is dead!" she said, as she blinked back her tears.

" so sorry...its in love with you." I admitted.

" say that me and Harry arent able to date cause of age and your gonna sit there and admit yo-" she tried to say...but I cut her off by kissing her.

"Sammi?" I heard someone say, we broke apart and found Harry right in front of us with tears slowly falling out of his eyes.

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