They dont know about us


2. Chapter 2

Today is the day that our tour begins. I am One Direction's opening act. I am doing this just to be with Harry, we all ride on the same bus and what not.

"So what are the bunking arrangements?" I asked the guys.

"Well, you would have to share with one of us." Liam informed.

"Ok.." I replied.

"I say she should be with me." Harry pipped up, as he was mentioning me.

"Haz, you always wanna be with the girls, how about she decides." Louis suggested, as everyone turned to me.

"I will choose Haz." I said.

"Awe someone has a cwushy wushy!" Louis said in baby talk as he pinched my cheeks.

"I do not! He is my bestfriend." I said as I shooed his hands away from my cheeks.

"Oh ya...whats his fave colour?" he challenged.

"Orange." I said without even thinking.

"What's his sisters' name?" he asked.

"Gemma." I replied as I played with my finger nails.

"Louis, stop." Harry demanded, as he stepped in front of me.

"Whats going on between you two?" Louis asked.

"I-I" I stuttered.

"She is on her period." Harry covered, as I felt my face turn red. Oh my gosh he did not just go there! I covered my face in Harry's back. This is going to be a long tour.

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