Never land

You've heard of Peter Pan but what happened after that story. Elisabeth is about to find out the terrors on the other side of the island. Hat happens when she falls in love with jake a young boy trapped in never land. Can she save herself and jake?


5. Things get weirder?

Suddenly I was not so afraid except for the fact that he knocked out Dave and Jill stay calm I told myself as quietly I tried to get out from under the bed he looked back quickly I hid I snuck up behind him with a Plank of wood and smacked him on the back I the head with it he fell forward he had to at least be knocked out for a while I hope I scanned the hut for a chain or a rope finally I found a rope on the top shelf in the kitchen tied his hands and feet to the bed grabbed a pocket knife and crackers and other useful things I could find I put it all in what looked like a nap sack or just a bag I slung it to my back and walked out the door the place reminded me of Alice in wonder land it was awesome and weird I heard a moan looked thru the broken window the boy woke up and was unting the rope and fast I dashed to the back of the hut trees towered taller than Mount Everest and wider than a house I climbed up a latter on a tree the boy must have made it there were bridges connecting from tree to tree
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