Never land

You've heard of Peter Pan but what happened after that story. Elisabeth is about to find out the terrors on the other side of the island. Hat happens when she falls in love with jake a young boy trapped in never land. Can she save herself and jake?


4. Most people...

Could this day get any weirder most people have clothes under there bed or boxes but no this was a knife like a killing knife just like the one the robber had I went to what seemed to be the kitchen-a row of cupboards lineing the wall then a stone the same as mine but mine was in my pocket this one also said the cracker is the awnser something troubled me like I wasn't supposed to be here my stone said in two weeks time I would fall but this was only one day maybe there would've been people here that we're expecting me or it would be more tidy suddenly i heard more footsteps getting closer i hid under the bed it has become a hobby I guess I saw the footprints the same that were in my house could this be the robber? I never got a good view of the robber but for a middle aged man he was a bit short- just guessing the robber took off the mask revealing brown unevenly cut hair then the big black coat under he wore a tattered t-shirt it looked as if he had lived here for a few years his jeans were ripped and out of control that's when she. Noticed the print on the shirt it was a sponge bob shirt this was no robber it was a kid
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