Never land

You've heard of Peter Pan but what happened after that story. Elisabeth is about to find out the terrors on the other side of the island. Hat happens when she falls in love with jake a young boy trapped in never land. Can she save herself and jake?


7. I'm not a man

I may be tall but I'm not a man the I remembered my hair was tucked away I could see the boy at the top coming down the latter finally I reach the bottom the boy jumped from six feet in the air and chanced me then I fainted- I woke up tied to a chair on a boat-wait a boat? This was just getting weirder my hat was still on and I saw the boy in front of me "who are you and why were you in my house?" The boy said with a smirk on his face " well I won't awnser the dirt part or the last part but tell me what is your name?" I was quick to reply and I started to smirk he then lost his smirk he looked down and kicked his knee he got up and punched my flat on the nose and everything went black I woke up still on the boat but locked in a room all there was to eat we're bread crumbs he took my bag I took one crumb and decided to save the rest if I was going to be here for a while I heard foot steps I hid under the bed the door whined as it opened and I saw footprints "where are you I brought food the sound of it made me druel I leaped out from under the bed and went to eat it great it was a trick he grabbed my arms and leg to tie them together and throw me in the closet well this is comfy-not
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