Never land

You've heard of Peter Pan but what happened after that story. Elisabeth is about to find out the terrors on the other side of the island. Hat happens when she falls in love with jake a young boy trapped in never land. Can she save herself and jake?


3. A portal under my bed

I opened the door quietly ran to my room that was already scanned by the robber I took my phone dialed the police and I was put on hold come on. Freaked out I hid under my bed oddly enough the stone started to glow and I fell. It said I fell but what about the crakers I question myself some how when I looked around I wasn't in my room was this a prank or is it real i looked down starring at a strongly thatched roof of an old barn house it seemed abandoned but was it really I mean the day has been filled with surprises I was sick of it I jumped off the roof and walked in I saw a craker half eaten on the ground I looked at it and I knew it was olive oil thatch style crakers fresh so the barn house wasn't abandoned but who lived here
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