Never land

You've heard of Peter Pan but what happened after that story. Elisabeth is about to find out the terrors on the other side of the island. Hat happens when she falls in love with jake a young boy trapped in never land. Can she save herself and jake?


1. Not your average spring break

Bring bring the school bell rings at exactly 8:24 I rush in. Great, more homework as I begin an essay on biology. Two more days until spring break. Soon the lunch bell rings and I rush to art class-the only class I'm good at. After art I have math then L.A. Then a 45 minute walk home (there are no buses that go to my house and if there was my adopted dad would not pay for it) my adopted mom said my dad died in a car crash 14 years ago when I was only 3 years old but what bothered me was the police never found a body so I don't believe it. I think he's alive, somewhere, but not here. One day I will find him.
When i was Walking home I came upon an engraved stone it was polished and it said: IN TWO WEEKS TIME YOU WILL FALL. I tried and tried to process it and what it meant but I couldn't it made no sense. So I ran home with the stone then I hid it under my bed where no one will find it. I went to bed early I had a creepy day and I was not going to tell anyone. My dream was a horror movie in real life the stone haunted me images of it.
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