Everybody Has A Reason

Emily Marie "best friends" with Leah Alex but is Leah that great of a friend why is she so rude to Emily and thinks that she's into girls, what happenens when Emilys first kiss is at a party with a British heart throb Harry Styles from One Direction? (there is swearing)


5. you have to go already

Harrys P.O.V.

The sun was peaking through the window I woke up to a surprise? "Niall what are you doing in my bed" "oh uhm I had a really bad night mare" Niall said with the puppy dog face "get out" I said as I pushed him of the bed laughing "WAKE UP! WAKE UP!" Zayn and Louis yelled while running into all of the bedrooms. "why it's only 9:00 am "we have a interview today in Canada and we have to leave in and hour to get on the plain" Liam explianed to everybody. I grabbed my phone of the dresser and texted my beautiful Emily "hey beauty hope your awake, the boys and I have to go to Canada for a few days but we will be back soonxx-Harry"

Emily P.O.V.

I got a text from harry when I was out with my mom it red "hey beauty hope your awake, the boys and I have to go to Canada for a few days but we will be back soonxx-Harry" I was upset that he had to leave already so I texted back right away "hello, it's okay I understand have fun:)xox-Emily" "whats wrong hun" my mom asked me "Harry and the boys are leaving for Canada today and wont be back for a few days" I told her as we looked through the rack of close I held up a bright pink tank top it was really pretty until I started hearing Leahs voice in the back of my head "oh do you really want that one Emily? its not something that people would like..on you" tears started rolling down from my eyes "mom can you drive me home, please" I asked trying my best not to look at her "why are you crying Em?" she asked god I really hate being asked so many questions "I'm,I'm not I just don't feel good" we drove home the thoughts of Leah rushing through my head made me want to pass out. I ran to my room and shut the door my phone started buzzing. "now tthat hes gone and probably wont come back for you we should finish what we started-Leah" I ingorned the message and quietly cried into my pillow but she wouldn't stop texting me "oh Emily why so sad don't cry" how did she know I was crying why did she do this to me? why do I have to be here I cleaned my self up and snuck out of the house and ran across the street to the park that me Leah and some other bratty girls would go and play at. "Hello Emily" her cold voice spoke sending shivers down my spine "what do you want from me?" I asked her still a little bit of tears going down my face.

Harrys P.O.V.

here are the boys of One Direction the interviewer called out, the music started playing we walked down on stage when or Q came "hello love" Louis said while hugging the women in the chair then we all had our turn of hugging the women "okay here I Melanie and the boys of 1D are going to talk about some dating secrects" she said in a some what joking voice the crowed oooooed "who's still single?" Melanie asked Niall and Liam raised their hands "oh Harlod you are now off the market aren't you" "yes I am" "Louis and Zayn how are you two and your girly friends doing" "Perrie and I are having a blast it's just good to be able to talk to somebody and know that their there for you and have them in a tight hug" Zayn told everybody they showed some pictures after Louis was done talking then it went back to me "Harry can you tell us who this beautiful girl is" "well her name is Emily and we ment at this little house party we just clicked right away and she's just wonderful she gets along with Niall,Liam,Zayn and Louis very well, I thought that the world should know about her so we all went shopping at the mall.

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