Everybody Has A Reason

Emily Marie "best friends" with Leah Alex but is Leah that great of a friend why is she so rude to Emily and thinks that she's into girls, what happenens when Emilys first kiss is at a party with a British heart throb Harry Styles from One Direction? (there is swearing)


6. why do you do this to me?


Emily's P.O.V.

"why do you do this to me" I asked again now facing her but still not eye contact "because,beacuse you think that you can just go live a perfect life after our little fight and act like nothing ever happened" "your the one that would spit on me call me stupid names tell me I'm not good enough for anybody and guess what LEAH I FOUND SOMEBODY !" I screamed at her with all the power inside of me "well he doesn't love you that much if he had sex with me!" she spat back at me with a little smirk knowing that tor me aprt inside out "this isn't over" after leah said those 3 last words she walked away. it's only 10:00 am and my day is ruined already more tears came streaming down my cheeks my nose was runny and my vision was blurry. I could hear somebody in the bushes but when I went to look nobody was found I stayed there for a few more hours crying and thinking things over "maybe leah was lying, harry wouldn't do that would he?" I quitly spoke to my self  2 more days passed I sayted inside sleeping I couldn't bare to have anybody look at me until harry came home I needed to talk to him I got a text wich was a suprise "Emliy the boys and I have just got home early" I ignored the text took a shower since it takes a while to get off the plain after my shower I slapped on some make up got on some jeans and drove to the air port. I listened for the screaming girls it wasn't far away I ran up to Harry he went to pull me into a hug but I stepped backwards "whats wrong?" "whats wrong is that Leah told me you had sex with her while we were dating, just tell me if you did or not" I told Harry looking him dead in the eyes the fans have left now and the other 4 boys are sitting behind us there was a silince between all of us "Harry please" I begged not wanting to cry, wishing he would tell me she was a liar and everything would be alright. "I'm sorry Emily" was all he said as he looked down at the dirty floor. I started to get teary eyed again I didn't want him to see but I looked up at him anyways to see his eyes spilling with tears I didn't know what to say I started running, running for outside "EMILY WAIT!" Louis called after me I didn't listen I just wanted to be home sleeping in bed dreaming about all the good things in life that I could have had. Louis caught up to me "Emily, you know he didn't mean to hurt you or have sex with Leah" "Louis you don't get it I know hes your best friend but you cant have sex by accedint it doesn't work like that he knew what he was doing but no he didn't stop and say he has a girlfriend" I said between sobs he wrapped his warm arms around my body and held me there what felt like forever

Harrys P.O.V.

I felt like I just ruin every little good thing in my life, I don't know why I cheated on Emily she doesn't deserve any part of it "Louis still not back, do you think their both okay" Liam asked "I don't know" I said to him getting up to go to my room I tried texting Em but she wouldn't even read the messages I guess she has a right I was a dick I cheated on her and lied about it I didn't even tell her. I fell asleep crying

Emily's P.O.V.

We walked back to my house Louis arm still wrapped around my back "are you sure Elanour won't mind this" I asked looking into his amazing blue eyes "yes love, she won't mind she likes you and she would understand" when we walked throught the front door all the lights were off and there was a note left on the counter "Emily, your sister and I have just gone out for the day we will be back later happy early 17th birthday sweetie" Loui red the note out loud "oh yeah it's your birthday tomorrow I'll have to get you something what do you like?" he asked all hyper like "your not getting me anything your to sweet, really" I told him he really didn't need to get me anything he was to nice I just smiled we layed on my bed watching movies until it was late I fell asleep in his arms "Em babe, I have to leave now call me if you need anything" "mhmmm" I hummed as he kissed the top of my head and was on his way it was 3:13 am when I was woken by this awful dream where I was pushed off a clif and Harry just watched as I fell screaming his name, he did nothing. I called Louis "Louis can I come over I can't sleep I feel awful" I spoke into the phone "yeah come on over do you want me to meet you half way" "no I'll be fine" I hung up and put some shorts on and a pair of uggs I snuck out the front door and jogged down the street so it wouldn't take so long when a pair of strong thick arms pulled me into the forest "Happy birthday" his deep voice spoke I started screaming "HELP! HELP ME" "shut up nobody can hear you" I didn't listen I had to fight I don't know what he was able to do "SOMEBODY PLEASE! HELP ME,Harry" I was now crying and moving as much as I could but I was threw to the hard ground as this guy held me down "STOP STOP" I begged and begged. He started kissing me harder and harder forcing his tounge into my mouth I tried to keep my mouth shut but it was hard he started ripping my clothes off I started crying even more then he... he stuck it in me making me scream in fear and pain when he was down he left me their to sob to my self while I layed naked on the floor.

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