Everybody Has A Reason

Emily Marie "best friends" with Leah Alex but is Leah that great of a friend why is she so rude to Emily and thinks that she's into girls, what happenens when Emilys first kiss is at a party with a British heart throb Harry Styles from One Direction? (there is swearing)


7. naked lying on the floor

Louis P.O.V. 2 hours have passed and Emily has still not showen up I thought she might have fallen asleep but she would have called saying she wasn't coming over I put a t-shirt on and walked out the front door looking for her "EMMMMMILY" I shouted and shouted but nothing she didnt awnser her phone calls or text messages I finaly herd quite sobs coming from the forest I started running to where they were coming from and I soon found Emily laying there hopless and naked crying her eyes out "Oh my god EMILY" I yelled as I gathered her clothes and dresses her "he...he" was all she was able to say at the moment "whos "he" " I asked until she talked back "the guy he, he rapped me" she said as more tears came from her eyes wich were red and puffy and full of fear I held her in my arms "come on we should go home and call the police" I picked her up in my arms like a bride on her wedding day it was silent the whole way home we walked up to the front door I opened it and their were the boys ecept for harry "LOUIS WHERE WERE YOU!" they all yelled at me "calm down, I'm fine but Emily's not" I carried her to my room and layed her down on the bed "stay here,don't worry your safe I'll be back in a few" I went back to the living room and told everybody what happened they were speachless "well we have to call the cops" Niall yelled out whike running to the kitchen "we also have to take her to the doctors" Zayn said still in shock that happened Liam was in the room with Em making sure she was okay "the police are trying to look for him, they said that there was a guy going around doing those things to younger girls than him" Niall filled me in on that I soon called her mom "hello, wendy sorry for waking you but Emily is over right now, I don't know how to put this but I'll just say it" there was a pause "well go on tell me, is she safe when did she get there?" Wendy asked all these questions at once "she got here about 1 hour ago and well she got rapped she was walking over and she just got rapped I found her in the forest and the police are going after him right now" "OMG okay I'm coming over right now bye" she said as she hung up "her mom is coming over right now to take her to the doctors" I told everybody that was in the room "whos going to the doctors" Harry asked standing at the wall in his boxers "Emily" Zayn said and thats all he said "what why what happened where is she?" Harry asked again "Harry, Emily got rapped less than 2 hours ago Liam is with her right now trying to calm her down" I told him he started crying "I have to go see her" Harry said in a panic but Liam stopped him "you shouldn't do that I'm sure you will see her another time just not right now, she wont be able to take all of this pain and see you" "but she needs me" he begged "No Harry you can't leave her alone" Niall shouted across the room there was a bang on the door then is flew open "where is she" wendy her mom asked with a bit of tears in her eyes "in the last room on the right" Liam showed her

Emily's P.O.V.

I layed there thinking my life ended when my mom walked in crying "my poor baby" "mom it's okay I'm safe now" I told her trying to make it better "NO it's not who ever did this to you to make you cry like that is going to HELL!" she screamed she held me in her arms for a while as the room was silent "mom what if I'm preganent?" I asked scared knowing that it could be true "well we will find out come on we should go to the doctors" she helped me up and we walked out of the room I forgot that Harry lived here to my heart fell out of my chest when I looked into his eyes seeing them all red and puffy as he whiped away the tears it made me want to run up to him and just hold him in the hug like we first did when we dated I missed that. "Emily can I talk to you, in privet?" he asked looking at me with his dark green sad eyes "I guess so" we walked to the kitchen "you know I never ment for this to happen it's all my fault I didn't mean to have sex with Leah and make you get hurt and you know what happened" "but Harrt you did and you can't change that whats done is done" I told him while crying he fixed a piece of hair that was infront of my face "I know I'm sorry I did, I just want you to know I Love you" he said and pulled me into one of those long lasting hugs I didn't know what to say I really was speachless he kissed my cheek, that made me flinch it made me get the shivers from when that guy was forcing himself at me. "sorry" he said then left the room " I'm ready now mom" I told her I said good bye to everybody but Harry he wasn't there.

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