Everybody Has A Reason

Emily Marie "best friends" with Leah Alex but is Leah that great of a friend why is she so rude to Emily and thinks that she's into girls, what happenens when Emilys first kiss is at a party with a British heart throb Harry Styles from One Direction? (there is swearing)


2. How Did I Get Here?

I woke up in a panic where am I is this another one of Leahs so called pranks? I felt strong arms around me I grabed my phone from off the dresser beside me 9:45 am "good morning" that same voice from last night in the backyard. "where am I? who are you?" "It's okay it's me Harry, don't worry we didn't do anything" he told me making me feel a tiny bit better "why am I here" "you and uhh that girl I think here names Leah, you guys got into a argument and she left with some older dued so you hung out with me for the rest of the night and ended up passing out on the front yard so I brought you to my house" he said explaning everything to me I tried to remember what happened me and Leah got into a fight because she started telling people that I liked girls and that I tried making out with her. "here you can wear some of my clothes they will do for now" he threw me a pair of sweats and a white t-shirt I put them on as he left the room I walked out of the room to see four other boys "hello there" one guy said with a bit of a higher voice "hi" I said back looking for Harry "he's in the bathroom" the one with the blonde hair said and pointed down the hall I walked to where he pointed and nocked on the door "Harry please let me in" I said. He unlocked the door and let me in "Harry my mom is going to be pissed at me, I shouldn't have gone to that party" "Emily don't worry you can tell her that you and Leah came over like an hour ago and you'll be home in a bit" "okay I'll call my mom now" I sat up on the bathroom counter with Harry standing infront of me "she believed me, can you drive me home now?" I asked feeling like I was about to puke, I held it in "yeah let me get my car keys" I waited in the living room making small talk with the others I now know all of their names Liam,Zayn,Niall and Louis "you ready?" Harry asked "yeah lets go" I got up off the couch and followed Haerry out of the door. we pulled up beside the side walk out side of my house "hey, can I get your number" "yeah of course you looked after me and my drunk ass last night" I joked with him we switched numbers "I'll see you tomorrow then" he said as I shut the door to his car I walked into the front door and saw Leah sitting there "Leah what are you doing?" "your parents let me in they went out" she said in that cold whisper voice she normally has when she trys to get me to be mad "listen Leah, I know what your doing after last night Harry told me what you did and I'm not taking anymore of your shit" I said angrily at the fact that our whole friend ship was fake now that I realized it. "oh shut it Emily we all know that you like girls and you are acting like you like boys, your not fooling anybody" she spoke once again " don't speak to me like that" I yelled at her but all she did was sit there on my couch with her legs crossed and a stupid grin on her face. "Oh Emily little little Emily" she said getting up and walking closer to me I was trying my best not to show fear but with Leah she always knows and she knows everything. we stayed there looking at each other like nothing was going on until I broke the silince between the two of us "Leah get out of my house and dont come back" I said right in her face "okay but just remember that I will always be there in the back of your mind no matter what happens but what if Harry finds out what happened in 4th grade.

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