Everybody Has A Reason

Emily Marie "best friends" with Leah Alex but is Leah that great of a friend why is she so rude to Emily and thinks that she's into girls, what happenens when Emilys first kiss is at a party with a British heart throb Harry Styles from One Direction? (there is swearing)


1. Just Another party

Emilys P.O.V.

It was just another party I told Leah "yeah but it's the first party of summer" I turned around and searched through Leahs closet looking for a cute outfit. "what about this?" I asked showing the white shorts with a pink cropped tank top "hottie over here" she called out we finished getting ready I wanst sure I have only been to one party before and I was trying to get with a guy that was gay. Not the best time ever but whatever "Lets got take a few shots before we leave" Leah said like we were even old enough for drinks we walked down stairs to the empty kitchen "are you sure we can do this Leah" "come on Emily don't be a pussy" I didn't want to look like a wimp I took the shot glass out of her hand and chugging it down. It burned as the smooth rocky liquid slid down the back of my throat. "was that so bad little girl" she said acting like i was a six year old going down a slide I didn't say anything. "our ride is here lets go" we walked out the door and opened the car doors to find some guys that for sure weren't six-teen if they were driving. Leah started making out with the one that had dark brown hair. We finaly made it to the party it was packed in there it smelled like sweat bear and weed. I glanced around not knowing where to go so I started taking shots I know it was wrong but it would make it less awkward if I just got hammered. I could see people, people everywhere I went to the backyard to get some fresh air I sat on the edge of the pool while dipping my feet in. I turned around as I heard the sliding door open there was a tall guy with curly hair staring down at me. "Hi" he said in a husky accent and wobbled over to where I was sitting I guess he was from England? I'm not sure. "hi" I said back trying to make his face out it was to hard everything was blurry "whats your name" "Harry, Harry styles" he managed to say "oh your that kid from one direction aren't you" he was like two years older than me I know that but I'm not a big fan of them so I don't really care. "Can I kiss you?" all I could think was omg I'm going to get my first kiss before I could say anything his lips smacked onto mine I didn't know what I was doing this was my first kiss I stopped thinking and just foucoused of kissing the boy. Harry's hands slid from my back up my shirt then the sliding door opened just as his hand was going to slip up under my bra. "Emily?" Leah questioned thinking I would never kiss a guy I pulled away and looked into his eyes he looked back at mine "you have amazing eyes" after he said that he got up and walked back into the house. "wow and I thought that you liked girls,Em didn't know you had the guts to go and kiss a guy" Leahs cold voice spoke, she was always like this when she was drunk rude,annoying and a bit scarry at points but I'm use to it we've been friends since the 8th  grade.

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